First Term Examination English Studies and Compositions for Primary 1 (Basic 1) – Exam Questions












 This is Mrs Eze. She has a farm. On the farm she has three dogs. They are brown and white. She has two goats and one cow. Mrs Eze has ducks too. One is brown and one is white. She has three ducklings too. They are Yellow.

Mrs Eze also has two hens and a rooster. They are brown and red. She has four chicks too. They are also yellow.


QUESTION – Choose the correct answer from the options:

a. How many dogs Mrs Eze have?

b. What colour are the ducks?

c. How many ducklings does she have?

d. What colour are the hens and the rooster?

e. How many chicks does Mrs Eze have?


SECTION B – Fill in the gap with the correct answer:

1. Which of these words can you use to greet your friend?

[a] quiet

[b] hello

[c] waow


2. We say ____________ when going to bed.

[a] goodbye

[b] good night

[c] good afternoon


3. We sit on ____________ in the classroom .

[a] chair

[b] blackboard

[c] grass


4. My teacher writes on the ____________ for us copy.

[a] board

[b] wall

[c] cup


5. I have two ____________.

[a] orange

[b] oranges

[c] orangesses


6. A ____________ is a name of a person, animal, place or thing.



[a] noun

[b] pronoun

[c] verb


7. This is a ____________.



[a] table

[b] book

[c] chair


8. What is this?




It is a ____________.

[a] plate

[b] bell

[c] pencil


9. A dog ____________.

[a] crow

[b] bark

[c] sing


10. We saw __________ aeroplane.

[a] an

[b] was

[c] a


11. She gave me a ____________ bowl of rice.

[a] an

[b] is

[c] a


12. The plural of girl is ____________.



[a] girl

[b] girles

[c] girls


13. Please, ____________ me your ruler.

[a] gave

[b] given

[c] give


14. I use a ____________ to cut.

[a] bowl

[b] knife

[c] spoon


15. I use a ____________ to eat.

[a] bowl

[b] knife

[c] spoon




Attempts all questions. 


1. Singular and Plural:

a. Boy – ____________

b. ____________ – girls

c. Book – ____________

d. ____________ – cups

e. Pencil – ____________


2. Complete these words with the missing letters:

a. F a m ______ l y

b. E l e ______ h a n ______



c. K ______ t t l ______

d. C l ______ s s r ______ o m

e. A n ______ m ______ l


3. Introduction of person:

a. My name is __________________________________________

b. I am in Nursery ______________

c. I am ______________ years old.

d. l am a ______________.

Hint – boy or girl 

e. My friend’s name is __________________________________________


4. Complete each sentence with correct Pronoun:

It , He, She or They

a. Sam has a spoon.

______________ eats with it.

b. What is this ?

______________ is a bin.

c. Ayi and Olu are boys.

______________ are seven.

d. Mrs Eze has a pot ______________ cooks in it.

e. What is this?

______________ are pan.


5. Underline the Nouns:

a. John went into the room.

b. My book fell on his shirt.



c. She gave her pencil to Ladi.

d. The dog is in the kitchen.

e. His bag is on the desk.