Second Term Examination Agriculture Primary 6 (Basic 6) Agric Exam Questions









SECTION A – Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Which of these insects cause sleeping sickness?

[a] Mosquito

[b] Moth

[c] Tsetse – fly


2. The climate of a place at a point in time could be any of these except _________.

[a] cloudy

[b] sunny

[c] muddy


3. The atmospheric condition of a place at a point in time is called _________.

[a] weather

[b] vegetation

[c] pollution


4. Early women were all these but not _________.

[a] growers of crops

[b] rearers of animals

[c] hairdresser


5. A large area of land covered with plants is called _________.

[a] compost

[b] vegetation

[c] ocean

6. Which of these is employed by agriculture?

[a] Harvester

[b] Sealers

[c] Dogs


7. Crops need all these to grow well except _________.

[a] adequate water/rainfall

[b] excessive sunlight

[c] good seedling


8. The removal of wild plant growing on the farmland is called _________.

[a] storage

[b] weeding

[c] marketing


9. Aquatic animals are the animals that live in _________.

[a] land

[b] sky

[c] water


10. Dirty environment can lead to spread of _________ in young animals.

[a] starvation

[b] diseases

[c] health


11. Which of these is not a vegetation in the north of Nigeria?

[a] guinea savannah

[b] sudan savannah

[c] sachel savannah


12. What is stumping?

[a] Removal of seeds

[b] Removal of beds

[c] Removal weed


13. Which of these is a pre – planting operation?

[a] Bed preparation

[b] Watering

[c] Weeding

[d] mulching


14. Ruminant animals are animals with _________ stomachs.

[a] 2

[b] 4

[c] 3


15. The crops that may be found in forest area are _________.

[a] cocoa, oil palm, coffee

[b] bitter leaf, water leaf

[c] apple, coffee


SECTION B – Attempt all questions.

1a. Define Climate. ________________.


1b. List 4 elements of climate:

I. ________________

II. ________________

III. ________________

IV. ________________


2a. Give one examples each of crops and animals found in each of these vegetation or forest in Nigeria.

i. Rain forest

ii. swamp forest


2b. State two non – ruminant animals:

I. ________________

II. ________________


3a. Mention 4 climatic factors that determined the distribution of crops and animals:

I. ________________

II. ________________

III. ________________

IV. ________________


3b. Define crop production. ________________


4a. Define pre – planting activities. ________________


4b. Mention 4 activities pre – planting:

I. ________________

II. ________________

III. ________________

IV. ________________


5. Define post planting activities. ________________


b. Mention 4 activities in post planting:

I. ________________

II. ________________

III. ________________

IV. ________________



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