Exam Questions – Second Term Examination English Studies Primary 3 (Basic 3) – All the Subjects








INSTRUCTION: Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.



A long time ago, animal could speak. Many of the animals were proud and boastful. The rain queen was not happy about this. She didn’t send rain. The animals water dried up. There was no fruit and no grass, The animals were hungry and thirsty.

The animals had a meeting. They decided that one of them should talk to the rain queen. l’ ll go “said the cheetah, “ l can run faster than any of you” But you can’t fly” said the animals, “send me ! l am pretty, “ boasted the peacock. He didn’t get far because he stopped to make his feathers look pretty. “ l am the cleverest”, said the hare. l ‘ll go to the rain queen. “ You can’t fly !” shouted the animals.

But then the rain bird said, “ please may l go ? l may not be fast, beautiful or smart, but l am humble. The rain queen will listen to me. “ The rainbird sang and the rain queen listen. She had never heard such a sweet and pure sound. It was sobeautiful that she began to cry. Her tears fell on the ground far below.And so it rained all over the land. Rivers began to flow. The world was soon green again. The animals had plenty to eat and drink.



a. How are the animals in the story different to our animals today?

b. Why was the rain queen unhappy?



c. How did the rainbird help?

d. What did the rainqueen do after hearing the song?

e. What do you think happened next in the story?





Choose the correct answer in these options.


1. l ___________ not seen my friend since yesterday.

[a] has

[b] have

[c] half


2. John has not ______________ football since he fell.

[a] plays

[b] playing

[c] played


3. Babara has been kneeling down ______________ morning devotion.

[a] since

[b] for

[c] along


4. The teacher has taught ______________ ten months.

[a] since

[b] for

[c] at


5. l have lived in Jos ______________ two years.

[a] for

[b] since

[c] last


6. Has he given you the room key? Yes , he ______________.

[a] have

[b] has

[c] haven’t


7. Has the girl collected the money ? No, she ______________.

[a] has



[b] hasn’t

[c] haven’t


8. He ______________ come to my house tomorrow.

[a] shall

[b] won’t

[c] will


9. ______________ l come in please?

[a] Can

[b] Shall

[c] May


10. l ______________ leave school now.

[a] will

[b] must

[c] won’t


11. You ______________ eat well in order to live.

[a] should

[b] shall

[c] but


12. The biro is not ______________.

[a] my

[b] me

[c] mine


13. ls this textbook _____________ or mine.

[a] yours

[b] there

[c] my


14. Musa is as …………………………… as Ibrahim.

[a] tall



[b] taller

[c] tallest


15. Ladi ………………….. home when l met him.

[a] was coming

[b] is coming

[c] is going




Answer all questions.

2. Complete the sentences. Use Can or May to match the meaning in the bracket.

a. The bird ______________ fly (able to).

b. The rainbird _____________ sing to the rain queen (allowed).

c. The Cheetah ______________ run fast (is able to).

d. She ______________ visit tomorrow (might happen).

e. ______________ l play the guitar? (allowed to).


3. Use these words in sentences.

a. Decorate

b. Birthday

c. Crocodile

d. doctor

e. Teacher


4. Complete this table with the right words – Present tense, Past tense Present perfect tense.

a. Fly ______________ Flown.

b. Know ______________ ______________.



c. ______________ took ______________

d. Freeze Fronze ______________.

e. ______________ Ran ______________.


5. Use the correct words from the bracket to complete the sentences.

(Taxes, Pharmacist, Assignment, Chartered)

a. Tolu has finished doing her school ______________.

b. My father is a ______________ accountant.

c. Mother is a ______________ she makes and sell medicines.

d. When we pay our ______________ the government will have enough money.









Write a composition my your family.