First Term Examination Basic Science Basic 9 (JSS 3)









Answers all the questions in this section. 


1. The highest layer of ozone in the atmosphere are in the __________________.

(a) stratosphere

(b) troposphere

(c) mesosphere

(d) thermosphere


2. Some illegal drugs that may be used legally if prescribed by a Doctor are categorized as __________________.

(a) Prescription

(b) Description

(c) Prescription only

(d) Description only


3. The full meaning of NAFDAC is



4. NDLEA stands for



5. All these are importance of family tree except _______________________.

(a) intelligence

(b) resemblance

(c) disease

(d) all of the above


6. All these cause soli erosion except _______________________.

(a) overgrazing

(b) deforestation

(c) ploughing up and down the slope

(d) ploughing across the slope


7. _______________________ is the cheapest method of clearing land.

(a) hand

(b) machinery



(c) bush burning

(d) animals


8. All these are the effects of bush burning except _______________________.

(a) loss of biodiversity

(b) habitat loss

© harmful smoke

(d) climate change


9. According to the United Nations estimate, Nigeria lost about __________________ million hectares of forest per year between2005 and 2010.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4


10. All these are reasons for deforestation except __________________.

(a) logging

(b) agricultural expansion

(c) infrastructural development

(d) all of the above


11. All these geographical zones are prone to desertification except __________________.

(a) Kebbi state

(b) Sokoto state

(c) Bauchi state

(d) Kaduna state


12. Low level zoznes can also be called __________________.

(a) mespphere

(b) thermosphere

(c) stratosphere

(d) troposphere


13. The chemical formula for ozone is __________________.

(a) O2

(b) O3

(c) OH

(d) HNO3


14. CFC is the short form for ____________________________________.


15. ozone is present in low concentrations __________________.



16. The major cause of deforestation in Nigeria is __________________.

(a) agricultural expansion

(b) felling of trees

(d) infrastructural development

(d) urbanization


17. Which of these statement (s) is/are correct on controlling ozone depletion?

(a) regulate CFC use

(b) reduce bush burning

© extra caution while cooking foods in the house

(d) all of the above


18. Family genealogy is also known as family tree. True or False


19. The following are major types of resources from plants except __________________.

(a) food crops

(b) textile materials

(c) wood crops

(d) hide and skin


20. Rays of light which are sent back from a surface are called __________________.

(a) normal

(b) incident

(c) refracted

(d) reflected


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Section B – Theory

Answer all the questions in this section. 


1a. Describe five adverse effects of drug use on youths and the family.

1b. Enumerate the activities of one national drug control agency of your choice.


2. As a government representative in your state, educate your community members on flooding by:

I. telling them what flooding is

II. stating the causes of flooding



III. describing how it could be prevented /controlled in your community.

IV. stating the effects of flooding


3a. List four (4) major types of resources from plants.

3b. Mention four resources from animals.

3c. Mention two resources that medicinal plants can be used to cure (the plants and )



4a. Distinguish between dominant trait and recessive trait with examples.

4b. State the importance of family traits.

4c. Define the following;

I. Genes

II. Trait

III. Family genealogy.

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