First Term Examination Physical and Health Education Basic 7 (JSS 1)







Answer all Questions 


1. The term P.E means ____________________________.


2.  P. H. E. stands for____________________________.


3. Health Education deals with the ______________.

{a} mind

{b} body

{c} emotion

{d} health


4. The scope of health Education here is ______________.

{a} running

{b} laughing

{c} drug education

{d} clapping


5. The purpose of physical and Health Education provides the individuals the opportunity to develop in all but______________.

{a} physical

{b} mental

{c} emotional

{d} spiritual growth



6. Development of skills in P.H.E. includes all but ______________.

{a} walking

{b} eating

{c} jumping

{d} riding


7. W.H.O. stands for____________________________.


8. The ability to do our daily activities without fatigue and still have reserve energy

Is ______________.



9. Health related components are directly related and affects the ______________. Of an individual.

{a} skill

{b} health

{c} emotion

{d} development


10. Skill related components is equally known as ______________.

{a} physical

{b} health

{c} performance

{d} emotional


11. Skill related components include all but ______________.

{a} speed

{b} accuracy

{c} strength

{d} agility


12. One importance of health education is _________________________ .


13. One characteristic of physically fit person is _____________________.


14. One safety precaution during sports is __________________________.


15. ______________ Is defined as the school procedures that contribute to the maintenance and improvement.



16. Determinants of health include except ______________.

{a} hereditary

{b} behavior

{c} environment

{d} life style


17. One characteristic of a healthy person is ______________________.


18. The waste materials that are carried away from homes and other buildings is ______________.

{a} flood

{b} sewage

{c} smoke

{d} dust


19. One method of refuse disposal is ______________.


20. One of the sources of water is ______________.


Section B – Theory

Answer four{4} Questions Only . 

1a.  Narrate the history of P.H.E. in Nigeria .

1b. List five{5} scopes of P.H.E.


2a. Define physical fitness.

2b. State five{5} characteristics of a physically fit person.


3a. Highlight five {5} precaution measures to be taken during exercises.

3b. Mention five{5} ways of promoting health.


4a. Differentiate school health program from community health programme.

4b. Explain briefly four{4} characteristics of a healthy person.


5a. Distinguish sewage from refuse disposal.

5b. List six{6} sources of water.



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