Happy New year and Happy Resumption. This is inform you that our contents are under review to meet the new set standards as stated in Lagos State Scheme of Work 2021 Edition.

First Term Examination Verbal Reasoning Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions





INSTRUCTION – Answer all the following questions. 





Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. A person who foretells the future is  _____________________.

[a] teacher

[b] prophet

[c] bachelor


2. A person who specialize in carrying out operations is _____________________

[a] occultist

[b] aorist

[c] surgeon


3. Atlantic, Antarctic, Pacific are called _____________________.

[a] ocean

[b] river

[c] streams


4. A widely spread disease is called _____________________.

[a] diseases

[b] epidemic

[c] cholera


5. A period of ten years is called _____________________.

[a] century

[b] millennium

[c] decade


6. A play which starts badly and end in a happy way is _____________________.

[a] tragedy

[b] comedy

[c] drama



Write out the opposite of each of these words:


7. Inferior _____________________

[a] answer

[b] superior

[c] clean


8. Polite _____________________

[a] wise

[b] noble

[c] rude


9. Ancient _____________________

[a] modern

[b] old

[c] fat


Use the opposite of each of the words printed in capitals to fill the spaces in each of the following sentences:


10. Ngozi was PRESENT yesterday but _____________________ today.


11. I was BLAMED for fighting, but _____________________ for doing well in my examination.


12. While Ola’s brother is UGLY, his sister is _____________________.


Write out the synonyms of each of these words:


13. Greet _____________________

[a] salute

[b] beg

[c] judge



14. Vacant _____________________

[a] high

[b] empty

[c] fat


15. Difficult _____________________

[a] hard

[b] junior

[c] edit


Replace the words underlined in each of the following with another which is similar in meaning to it.


16. We made a profit of fifty naira from the sale of the bag



17. My father has a very wide table


18. The sums are very hard


Underline the word that does not belong to each of the groups below:


19. Yam   Cassava   Driver   Rice   Beans


20. Earth   Moon   Jupiter   Mars   Uranus


21. Uncle   Boy   Father   Mother   Brother


22. A person who in charge of ship is called _____________________.


23. A doctor who specializes in carrying out operation is called _____________________.



24. A person who knows about law is called _____________________.


25. The head of primary school is called _____________________.




Attempt all the following questions.


1. Arrange in alphabetical order:

a. Bold   Hard   Up   Apple   Come


b. Girl   Jug   Zoo   Scout   Rub


c. Lawyer   Carpenter   Doctor   Teacher   Nurse


d. South   West   North   Pole   East


2a. How many consonants than vowels are there in English alphabet.


b. _____________________ is the next consonant after the second vowel of alphabet.

c. _____________________ is the first consonant of the alphabet.



d. How many letter of alphabet will be left if the consonant are removed?


3. Write the similar in meaning of these words:

a. Modern

b. Vacant

c. Yearly

d. Surplus


4. Gives the general names for each set of words in the following:

i. Emir, Oba, Obi, Chief, Eze _____________________.

ii. Petrol, water, Ink, Kerosine, palm oil ______________________.