Exam Questions – Second Term Examination Christian Religious studies (CRS) SS 1 – Exam Questions








Answer all the questions.


1. One of the benefits of salvation is _______________________.

(a) peace with the world

(b) peace with man

(c) peace with God

(d) joy in the school


2. In making use of individual talents, Bro Paul enjoined Christians to ___________________.

(a) think soberly according to the measure of their grace.

(b) act as if they were indispensable.

(c) contribute their quota in the spirit of pride.

(d) make others aware of their importance.


3. Which of the following groups represent the gift of the Spirit?

(a) Utterance of wisdom and respect for elders.

(b) Working of miracles and fervent prayers.

© Going to church and fasting.

(d) Prophecy and interpretation of tongues.


4. All are the purpose of spiritual gifts except ___________________.

(a) spiritual gifts are given by God

(b) it is for the education of the church

(c) it should be used for self glorification

(d) those with spiritual gifts should not look


5. According to Peter, a Christian should exercise his freedom by ___________________.

(a) doing what is right

(b) claiming his freedom at all costs

(c) using it as a pretext for evil

(d) enduring pain while suffering


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6. According to Peter, those who resist authority will merit ___________________.

(a) loss of eternal life



(b) judgment of individual conscience

(c) judgment and imprisonment

(d) expulsion from the Christian community.


7. ‘Let everybody be subject to the government authorities’. This statement of Paul implies loyalty to ___________________.

(a) one’s parents

(b) one’s friends

(c) one’s neighbor

(d) one’s leader


8. Onesimus ran away from his master; his ‘master’ here refers to ___________________.

(a) Timothy

(b) Paul

(c) Philemon

(d) Philip


9. The main Christian virtue taught by Paul in his Epistle to Philemon is ___________________.

(a) humility

(b) hospitality

(c) patience

(d) forgiveness


10. God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble; this teaching of Peter emphasizes ___________________.

(a) steadfastness

(b) humility

(c) obedience

(d) faithfulness


11. According to Peter, which of the following is not an illustration of how Jesus lived a life of imitation?

(a) He was sinless

(b) He bore the sins of the world in His body

(c) when He suffered, He fought back spiritually

(d) when mocked, He did not mock in return.


12. One of the reward of humility is ___________________.


13. _______________________ should exist in an ideal family.

(a) Respect, hope and loyalty



(b) Care, hope and authority

(c) Love, obedience and respect

(d) Care, worship and consideration


14. Wives should respect their husbands, while the husbands should ___________________ their wives.


15. Talents are ___________________ while the spiritual gifts are ___________________.


16. Faith is defined as ______________________________________________.


17. Jesus teaches that we should ___________________ those that sin against us in order for our prayers to be ___________________.


18. The Christian family consists of ___________________.


19. Jesus died to save the ___________________.


20. God lifts up the ___________________ and brings down the ___________________.



Answer all the questions . 


1a. ‘Humility is not stupidity’. Discuss this theme in relation to the Christian life.


1b. Give four (4) rewards of humility.


2. Give the main features of Paul’s letter to Philemon, state two (2) reasons why Christians should forgive others.



3. What are the roles of family members in an ideal family?


4. Christians are saved by grace and not by works. Discuss.