Happy New year and Happy Resumption. This is inform you that our contents are under review to meet the new set standards as stated in Lagos State Scheme of Work 2021 Edition.

First Term Examination Agriculture Primary 1 (Basic 1)










Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. We can use plants for ________________.

[a] medicine

[b] petrol

[c] kerosene


2. .A flowering plant has ________________ .

[a] leaf

[b] button

[c] tail


3. A person who plant crops is called ________________ .

[a] doctor

[b] teacher

[c] farmer


4. One of the importance of agriculture is ________________.

[a] for food

[b] for dancing

[c] for playing


5. People get ________________ from agriculture.

[a] money

[b] paper

[c] waste


6. Which of these is a harmful plant?

[a] Tobacco

[b] Tea

[c] Fruit


7. Which of the following is a part of plant?

[a] Fruit



[b] Stone

[c] soil


8. Example of farm animal that lives in water is ________________ .

[a] fish

[b] dog

[c] elephant


9. We use ________________ to prepare moi-moi.

[a] cassava

[b] beans

[c] rice


10. Farm animal helps us in ________________ .

[a] school

[b] farm

[c] market


11. ________________ is used for medical purpose.

[a] Yam

[b] Lime

[c] Cassava


12. ________________ is a common crop plant.

[a] water leaf

[b] maize

[c] dress


13. ________________ are used to beautify our surroundings.

[a] sticks



[b] books

[c] flowers


14. We can get milk from ________________ .

[a] lion

[b] cat

[c] cow


15. Tyre can be made from ________________.

[a] rubber

[b] wood

[c] sand




Attempt all questions. 

1. ____________________ is the cultivation of land and rearing of animal


2. List 2 uses of farm animals.

I. ____________________

II. ____________________


3. Write out 3 common crops plants you know.

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________


4. ____________________ is dangerous to human body.



5. Mention 3 local farm animal.

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________