First Term Examination Home Economics Primary 1 (Basic 1)










Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. The ____________ is used for hearing.

[a] ear

[b] eye

[c] Nose


2. ________________ is used for eating.

[a] mouth

[b] nose

[c] legs


3. The eyes is for ____________________.

[a] eat

[b] seeing

[c] laughing


4. We clean our ears with ____________________.

[a] cotton buds

[b] biros

[c] pins


5. Taking care of our body will make the body ____________________ and healthy.

[a] dirty

[b] neat

[c] ugly


6. The tongue is found inside the ____________________.

[a] head

[b] nose

[c] mouth


7. Our toes can easily get injured if we fail to put on our ____________________.

[a] shoes



[b] cap

[c] belt


8. Which part of the body do we use to bite?

[a] teeth

[b] eye

[c] hair


9. After bathing we should use ____________________ to dry our body.

[a] towel

[b] handkerchief

[c] paper


10. We should bath with ____________________.

[a] sponge and soap

[b] sponge and oil

[c] sponge only


11. Boys should always ____________________ their hair.

[a] cut

[b] retouch

[c] weave


12. We should comb our ____________________.

[a] skin

[b] body

[c] hair


13. Toothpaste is used to wash our ____________________.

[a] teeth

[b] face

[c] burn


14. Why do we need to clean our mouth regularly?

[a] To prevent eating



[b] To prevent mouth odour

[c] To gain energy


15. Our nails and toe nails must be kept ____________________.

[a] short and clean

[b] long and neat

[c] short and dirty




Attempt all questions. 


1. List out 2 materials used for caring our body

I. ____________________

II. ____________________


2. Mention 5 parts of human body you know.

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________

IV. ____________________

V. ____________________


3. List 2 sharp objects.

I. ____________________

II. ____________________



4. How many fingers do we have? ________


5. Eye is for _______________ while nose is for _______________.