Second Term Examination Cultural and Creative Arts Basic 7 (JSS 1)









OBJECTIVES – Answer all the Questions in this section. 


1. Art is a means of _____________________.

(a) expression

(b) dimension

(c) formation

(d) domination


2. The rudiments of music include the following except _____________________.

(a) rest

(b) time

(c) clefts

(d) hours


3. _____________________ requires a good skill tutorship which is achieved through apprenticeship.

(a) Drama

(b) Craft

(c) Music

(d) Dance


4. Ivory carving can be seen at _____________________.

(a) Abeokuta

(b) Badagry

(c) Benin

(d) Ibadan


5. The features of drama that are important to the understanding of any writing is called _____________________.

(a) element

(b) concept

(c) benefit

(d) characteristics


6. _____________________ is style in dance.

(a) Double dance

(b) Pure dance

(c) Single dance

(d) Mixed dance


7. _____________________ is purposely to narrate story through sequence of action.

(a) Ballet

(b) Tangol



(c) Dance drama

(d) Gospel


8. One of the materials for paper craft is _____________________.

(a) needle

(b) basket

(c) cotton

(d) paper


9. The instrument created to make musical sounds is called _____________________.
(a) musical instrument

(b) musical note

(c) musical key

(d) musical cleft


10. _____________________ produces sounds by vibrating a strength membrane.

(a) Chordophones

(b) Membranphone

(c) Aerophones

(d) Idiophones


11. An example of subrano instrument is _____________________.
(a) trombone

(b) bonetone

(c) flute

(d) bass drum


12. Bambo solid drum can be seen in _____________________.

(a) Spain

(b) Turkey

(c) Germany

(d) Africa


13. An art of making pictures with various materials is called _____________________.

(a) collage

(b) paper marche

(c) craft

(d) painting


14. A person who ensures that all the members of the cast have their lines mastered is called _____________________.

(a) producer

(b) manager



(c) director

(d) security


15. Collage can be used as _____________________.

(a) advertisement

(b) instrument

(c) drama

(d) beautification


16. One of the materials used in tie and dye is _____________________.

(a) fabric

(b) clay

(c) grass

(d) cane


17. _____________________ is used to fix collage on the work surface.

(a) Knife

(b) Cloth

(c) Glue

(d) Oil


18. All are components of dance except _____________________.

(a) music

(b) language

(c) balance

(d) script


19. To achieve a sense of belonging, one must _____________________.

(a) quarrel

(b) co-operate

(c) fight

(d) faint


20. To understand what you are hearing is one of the _____________________ of ear training.

(a) elements

(b) disadvantages

(c) importance

(d) technique



Section B — THEORY

Answer four (4) questions from this section.


1a. Explain craft.

1b. Mention three crafts and their locations.


2a. Write three functions of drama.

2b What is contemporary dance?


3a. List three dance patterns.



3b. What do you understand by ear training?


4a. List six materials for paper craft.

4b. What is collage?


5a. Mention three musical instruments with their classifications and locations.

5b. Who is a dance director?