Second Term Examination Home Economics Basic 9 (JSS 3)









Answer all the questions.

 Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. Proteins, eg. white of egg will ____________.

[a] coagulate

[b] spread

[c] increase

[d] decrease

[e] enlarge


2. The last product of carbohydrate digestion is ____________.

[a] starch lactose

[b] glucoce

[c] complex

[d] cellulose

[e] gelatin


3. Which of the following are soluble in water?

[a] Fats

[b] Oils

[c] Proteins

[d] Sugars

[e] Vitamins A and D


4. Fats are ____________ at room temperature.

[a] solid

[b] liquid

[c] cool

[d] hot

[e] good



5. One of the following may not influence meal planning.

[a] Age

[b] Health

[c] Money

[d] Season

[e] Height


6. Which of the follwing groups is generally characterized by reduced physical activity?

[a] The Aged

[b] The lactating water Mother

[c] The Pregnant Women

[d] The adolescents

[e] The Children


7. A strict vegetarian will not eat any.

[a] food

[b] vegetable protein

[c] animal food

[d] soyabean meals

[e] carrot


8. Foods that can spoil easily are said to be ____________.

[a] non-perishable

[b] perishable

[c] bad

[d] good

[e] hard


9. Decorating a finished dish with a small food items is ____________.

[a] brushes

[b] bestriding

[c] garnishing

[d] darning

[e] gracing


10. Foods cooked by __________ do not digest easily.


[a] boiling

[b] steaming

[c] stewing

[d] grilling

[e] frying



11. _____________ food are easily digested

[a] Fried

[b] Roasted

[c] Grilled

[d] Steamed

[e] Baked


12. _________ occurs when the ovum is fertilized by a sperm.

[a] Menstration

[b] Ovulation

[c] Pregnnancy

[d] Infertility

[e] Child birth


13. Which of the following is not a sign of pregnancy?

[a] Height increase

[b] Vomiting

[c] Nausea

[d] Breasts enlarge

[e] Menstruation stops


14 __________ care is the care required by a mlother after child – birth.

[a] Ante – natal [b] Post – natal

[c] Pre – natal

[d] Child

[e] Pregnancy


15. Children develop at ______________

[a] different rates

[b] similar rates

[c] a time

[d] different times

[e] high rates




Answer all the questions. 

1a. State any three (3) reasons why food is cooked

b. State any five (5) points to be considered in choosing cooking equipment and utensils


2a. State five (5) disadvantages of early marriage

b. Describe the four (4) common marriage systems in Nigeria


3a. What are the two (2) possible effects of poor nutrition during pregnancy.

b. Lists any five (5) items that are part of baby’s laytte.


4a. Outline five (5) environment condition that are necerssary for child development

b. List any three of each the following.

i. measuring utensils

ii. mixing utensils

iii. Top – of – range utensils and equipment