Third Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Nursery 2 (Age 4) – Exam Questions





Attempt all the questions. 

1. We thank God through _________.

[a] fight

[b] prayer


2. Thanksgiving means giving thanks to _________.

[a] God

[b] devil


3. As a christian we are to have _________ of God.

[a] knowledge

[b] worker


4. The fear of _________ is the begining of wisdom.

[a] God

[b] mother


5. Knowledge comes from _________.

[a] God

[b] Satan


6. We fear God by worshipping him.

[a] No

[b] Yes


7. We can show charity by _________ for other people.



[a] praying

[b] fight


8. Giving part of our food to the orphan is _________.

[a] kindness

[b] hatred


9. We should show love and kindness to the sick ones.

[a] No

[b] Yes


10. Jesus wants us to tell _________ at all tell.

[a] truth

[b] lie


11. God is _________.

[a] powerful

[b] powerless


12. The merciful shall obtain _________.

[a] regret

[b] mercy


13. Is it good to show kindness to others.



[a] Yes

[b] No


14. We should pray for God’s protection

[a] Yes

[b] No


15. It is good to share food with our friends

[a] No

[b] Yes



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