Third Term Examination Civic Education JSS 3 (Basic 9) – Mock Exam Questions









Attempt all the questions. 

1 The Nigerian flag was designed by ____________ in ____________.

(a) Taiwo Akinwunmi/1859

(b) Kehinde Akinkunmi/1759

(c) Taiwo Ekeinde/1929

(d) Taiwo Akinkunmi/1959


2. The actual worth of a thing in monetary terms is called ____________.

(a) Bread

(b) culture

(c) religion

(d) values


3. ____________ is regarded as the bedrock of democracy.

(a) People

(b) Army

(c) Police

(d) The court


4. The listed are arms of government in Nigeria except ____________.

(a) Local

(b) legislature

(c) executive

(d) judiciary


5. In the Nigerian coat of arms, ____________ is not included on the motto.

(a) faith

(b) piece

(c) progress

(d) unity


6. The Nigerian national pledge was introduced after ____________.

(a) the first world war



(b) the amalgamation

(c) the Nigerian civil war

(d) the death of Tafawa Balewa


7. The attitude of standing for the truth and being identified with study behavior is

(a) integrity

(b) discipline

(c) faithfulness

(d) honesty


8. ____________ is the attitude of putting others’ needs before one’s needs.

(a) Sabi sabi

(b) Selfishness

(c) Honesty

(d) Selflessness


9. All are attributes of co-operation except ____________.

(a) sharing

(b) support

(c) obedience

(d) greed


10. Modern democracy takes its root from ____________.

(a) Nigeria

(b) Greece

(c) France

(d) USA


11. The act of counting the people of a particular geographical area at a particular time can be regarded as ____________.

(a) population

(b) counters

(c) demography

(d) census


12. ____________ is the attitude of doing the right thing at the right time.

(a) Goodness



(b) Honesty

(c) Integrity

(d) Discipline


13. The first coup in Nigeria took place on ____________, 15th ____________.

(a) February/1922

(b) march/1946

(c) January/1966

(d) may/1966


14. An individual who has his/her own establishment without depending on the government is self ____________.

(a) reliable

(b) realizable

(c) responsible

(d) reliant


15. The suspended chief justice in Nigeria is ____________.

(a) Walta Onoghen

(b) Waiter Onogen

(c) Walter Onoggen

(d) Walter Again


16. A courageous person is all of these, but ____________.

(a) bold

(b) fearless

(c) determined

(d) shy


17. A type of political system in which there is constitutional division of power between the central and component units is ____________.

(a) presidential

(b) unitary

(c) federalism

(d) anarchy


18. In Nigeria, census is supposed to be held once in ____________ years.

(a) five



(b) twenty

(c) fifteen

(d) ten


19. An individual who is involved in the counting of people during census is ____________.

(a) inimerator

(b) denominator

(c) numerator

(d) enumerator


20. Democracy day in Nigeria is celebrated on ____________.

(a) January 29th

(b) March 29th

(c) April 29th

(d) May 29th


21. Nigeria had her first ever census in the year ____________.

(a) 1762

(b) 1862

(c) 1962

(d) 2006


22. The first political party to be established in Nigeria was ____________.

(a) DNPP

(b) NDPP

(c) PNDP

(d) NNDP


23. The head of a local government is referred to as ____________.

(a) counselor

(b) governor

(c) minister

(d) chairman


24. In the listed, ____________ can be regarded as a running mate in 2019 presidential election.

(a) Atiku Abubakar



(b) Muhammadu Buhari

(c) Yemi Osibanjo

(d) Bukola Saraki


25. ____________ is the symbol of authority of the Legislature.

(a) Mice

(b) Lase

(c) Mase

(d) Mace


26. The Nigerian civil war started in the year ____________ and ended in the year ____________.


27. the attitude of doing a job with all forms of seriousness is called ____________.


28. A citizen from Greece is a/an ____________, and he/she speaks ____________.


29. The capital city of Sudan is ____________.


30. Jos is to Plateau as ____________ is to Taraba state.


31. The Igbira speaking tribe occupies ____________ geo political zone in Nigeria.


32. The last FIFA world cup was hosted by ____________ and won by ____________.


33. An escapee from a prison in one country who flees to another country is termed a ____________.


34. In the court of law, an accused is presumed ____________ until proven ____________.


35. ____________ is the last hope of the common man in Nigeria.


36. In a 4x400m relay race, how many athletes are involved?


37. The National Assembly of Nigeria is composed of two law making bodies, ____________ and ____________.



38. ____________ gave a generally acceptable definition of democracy even as he was ____________ president of the USA.


39. The father of Nigeria’s nationalism was ____________.


40. The statutory duty of ____________ is to arrest and prosecute drug traffickers.


41. The largest planet in the universe is ____________.


42. An octogenarian is an individual in his/her ____________.


43. One millennium,five centuries,nine decades and five scores translate into ____________.


44. The time 2359 hrs also mean ____________.


45. Nigeria is composed of ____________ local government areas.


46. ____________ became Nigeria’s first military Head of State.


47. As a military Head of state, ____________ spent only 200 days in office.


48. ____________ formulated and propounded the theory of the rule of law.


49. The United States of America gained her Independence on the ____________ in the month of ____________ in the year ____________.



50. The Nigeria national oath is a sign/mark of ____________.




Answer all questions. 


Differentiate, giving two examples between the tiers and organs of government.



In their order, state the first five most powerful offices in Nigeria.



Nigeria is a bi-camerial state. Discuss in full.



Trace the history of census in Nigeria.



A. Is there any difference between members of the armed forces and the tiers of government? Explain .



B. Critically analyze the major difference, with a relevant example between prohibited goods and restricted goods.



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