Third Term Examination Civic Education SS 2 – Exam Questions








Answer all questions. 


1. All are skills required to prevent occurrence of conflict except ___________.

(a) dialogue

(b) mediation

(c) compensation

(d) fighting


2. Responsible parenthood is the same concept as ___________.

(a) conflict

(b) agreement

(c) family planning

(d) family war


3. One of these is not an importance of inter-communal relationship.

(a) it is a road map for peace.

(b) it promotes development.

(c) it enhances Insecurity

(d) it promotes commerce.


4. The non-engagement and non utilization of factors of production to earn their rewards is referred to as ___________.

(a) employment



(b) underdevelopment

(c) unemployment

(d) development


5. An association between two or more people which may be beneficial and enduring is called ___________.

(a) interpersonal community

(b) intrapersonal relationship

(c) interpersonal relationship

(d) interpersonal friendship


6. These are ways by which our traditions, beliefs and customs can be preserved except ___________.

(a) marriage

(b) festivals

(c) food

(d) education


7. A citizen from Republic of Ireland is referred to as a/an ___________.

(a) island

(b) Ireland

(c) Irish

(d) Eyelash


8. ___________ is an economic and political system in which the means of production, ownership and distribution of labour lie in the hands of private individuals.

(a) Socialism



(b) Feudalism

(c) Capitalism

(d) Mixed economy


9. All but one is ways by which political parties compete for power among themselves.

(a) Slogan

(b) Rallies

(c) Manifesto

(d) Embezzlement


For ages, two particular villages have been at loggerheads over boundary.

The inhabitants swore never to allow marriage take place between them until a trader named Adebiyi Sunday came on a business trip to one of the villages; on seeing the problems at hand, he was able to share the boundary between the two villages which was beneficial to both.

This brought peace to the community and marriages began to take place among the inhabitants.


10. What was the concept that led to the problem between the two villages?

(a) Boundary

(b) Conflict

(c) Peace

(d) Love


11. The capital city of Indonesia is ___________.


12. Nigeria is a country in the ___________ African region.


13. The political Head of Britain is the ___________.



14. ___________ is the illegal transportation of drugs from one country to another.


15. A type of drug that makes one to laugh usually used be dentists is ___________.


16. The full meaning of the acronym NDLEA is …___________.


17. In Nigeria, there are ___________ members of the House of Senate.


18. The current Speaker, House of Representatives in Nigeria is ___________.


19. Taking of drugs without the consent or permission of the doctor is otherwise referred to as ___________.


20. In banking terms, the acronyms ATM and POS simply means ___________ and ___________.


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Answer four (4) questions in all.

Question one is compulsory. 



A. What is inter-communal relationship?



B. State five importance of inter-communal relationships

C. While defining conflict, in what three ways can conflict be resolved?



A. Define the term,’unemployment’ with regards to labour as a factor of production.

B. List four ways by poverty can be alleviated in Nigeria.



A. What are inter-personal relationships?

B. State and explain four skills required for inter-personal relationships.



A. What do you understand by “Responsible parenthood’?

B. What four roles are performed by responsible parents?



A. Define the term ‘Drugs’.



B. Who is a drug addict?

C. Are there consequences of drug addiction/abuse? Explain in full.





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