Recommended Reading Passages for Primary 1 – Primary Primary 6

Last Updated on September 3, 2020 by Alabi M. S.



According to the Federal Ministry of Education, 9 Years Basic Education Curriculum for English Studies for Primary 1 – Primary 6, irrespective of textbooks, the following reading passages are available in all approved textbooks and recommended as follows –



Primary 1

1. Nutrition

2. Habitual action

3. Identification of people and objects

4. Identification of colours

5. Types of Foodstuff



Primary 2 

6. Plants and animals

7. Fruits

8. Familiar objects

9. Visit to the market



Primary 3

10. Effects of the wrong use of medicine and drugs on the body

11. Common objects at home

12. Natural objects and their colours



Primary 4 

13. Different means of transport in Nigeria

14. Describing members of a family

15. A typical day in the life of a family

16. Importance of girl – child education

17. The component of the solar system

18. Rocks and minerals

19. Habits of Worship

20. Marriage relationships and single parenthood



21. Man’s efforts to master his environment

22. Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger

23. Health and economic implications of environmental changes

24. Crisis flash points



Primary 5 

25. Letters to village heads

26. Headmasters and others in authority

27. Television conversation

28. Sending and telegram

29. Types of agricultural practice

30. Writing letters to intimate friends

31. Express congratulations and sympathy

32. Properties of soil samples

33. Human body (health)

34. Needs of the family

35. Types of farming



Primary 6

36. Different careers

37. Sporting activities

38. Water pollution

39. Letters of congratulations and condolence

40. Human body (health)

41. Safe water – improving water quality

42. Effects of normal and excessive use of drugs

43. Importance of oceans on earth

45. Biography and autobiography

46. Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS







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