First Term Examination English Language Basic 7 (JSS 1)










Answer all the Questions in this section. 


PART A: Objective Test – choose the correct answers from the given alternatives A – D. 

1. He asked me for ____________ advice, but then rejected it.

(a) some

(b) an

(c) a

(d) many


2. Everything went wrong last Friday, I think it was the ____________ day in my life.

(a) bad

(b) worse

(c) worst

(d) badder


3. He wanted to catch a bush rat, so he set a trap and ____________ one.

(a) cut

(b) cooked

(c) caught

(d) called


4. Where is Segun? He’s ____________ sports.

(a) for

(b) at

(c) with

(d) in


5. Mary ____________ not enjoy cooking dinner.

(a) do

(b) is

(c) are

(d) does


6 Did the chief inform the Police? What sound has the underlined words?

(a) /I/

(b) /I:/

(c) /e/

(d) /æ/


7. They couldn’t finish the race because of a bad hill. What sound has the word hill?

(a) /a/

(b) /I/

(c) /I:/

(d) / /



8. Which one of these words has a different sound?

(a) enough

(b) lady

(c) little

(d) piece


Choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

9. Guess

(a) poor

(b) busy

(c) bean

(d) head


10. Woman

(a) leave

(b) live

(c) sheep

(d) beat


Choose the conjunction which best completes each sentence.

11. She wanted to go to university, ____________ she decided to take the entrance examination.

(a) but

(b) and

(c) so

(d) for


12. I opened the envelope carefully, ____________ I did want to tear the letter.

(a) but

(b) yet

(c) though

(d) for


13. Mary ate the food, ____________ Did not know who cooked it.

(a) and

(b) but

(c) so

(d) and then


 Choose from the words below to fill the numbered gap in the passage.

Concluded noticed examined discovered matched

Compared observed.

On arriving at Mallam Musa’s shop I ______14______ that the front door was locked and bolted. At the back, I ______15______ a shutter on one of the windows was broken. I ______16______ the ground beneath the window, and found a footprint.



I ______17______ that the footprint had been made by a man’s right shoe with a crack in its sole. I ______18______ the footprint with that of the accused and found that they ______19______ I _____20______ that the prisoner had been at the scene of the crime. As a result, I arrested the accused.



Section B – Read the following passage and answer the comprehension questions that follows.


The Problems With Packaged Water

Providing pure water to the more than 174 million people living in Nigeria today is a major problem. So, because pure drinking water is very important for health, selling pure water has become big business. Pure water is sold in two ways: in bottles and in plastic bags called sachets. Bottled water is commonly sold in hotels, restaurants and big shops, on the streets or in the market.

When buying bottled water, you need to be careful. Always make sure that the top is properly screwed on. There is danger that the bottle has been refilled after use with water that is not pure. The danger with sachets is different. The water may be pure, but the plastic material used in packaging pure water may be harmful. When plastic material is exposedto high temperatures it gradually starts to dissolve . As a result, it releases dangerous substances called oxidants. These are harmful, and can cause cancer. So, if sachets are exposed to the sun, they can become dangerous.

In addition, water sachets affect the environment in two ways. Firstly, they cause litter and they can collect dust, dirt and harmful germs. Second, they are hard to dispose of because they are made of non-biodegradable materials. This means they take a long time to decay. For these reasons, the Nigerian government is thinking of banning the use of water sachets. The search is on for other ways of packaging water.


Comprehension questions. 

1.What is the problem mentioned in paragraph 1?

2. In what two ways is pure water sold in Nigeria?

3. Why is selling pure water big business?

4. What action is the Nigerian government taking as a result?

5. Where do you think is the safest place to buy a sachet of water?



6. For each of the underlined in the passage, give another word that can replace it in the passage.

(a) Dissolve

(b) Decay

(c) Dispose of

(d) Expose






1. Fill in the gaps with the following words; ‘above’, ‘by’, ‘below’, ‘off’, ‘through’, ‘on’, ‘among’, ‘down unto’, ‘behind’, ‘in front’, ‘against’.

(a) Bola’s son is sitting ____________ her side. She has her hand ____________ of her face.

(b) Her small daughter is standing ____________ Her. He is leaning ____________ the tree and his head is ____________its first branch.

(c) A Buffalo is wading ____________ the water. There’s a bird ____________ One of its horns and another bird is flying ____________ its back.

(d) Some birds are catching fish ____________ the rice that is still growing in the field.

(ẹ) A vulture is flying ____________ the field. If it sees a dead animal, it will fly ____________ It.


2. Identify the type of adverb underlined in the sentences below:

(a) John ate his food hurriedly and then ran to school.

(b) My dad had left for the meeting before I got to his office.

(c) The student failed his examination because he did not study hard.

(d) I come to school everydayon foot.

(e) I will visit my friend in the hospital later in the day.


3. Write the bold italic words in their correct pronoun forms.

(a) The lesson is easy. The teacher explained the lesson.

(b) Mr. Akin saw John and Mary. Mr. Akin spoke to John and Mary.



(c) The teacher said, ‘give the teacher your book’.

(d) Ibrahim and Musa met Mr. Jaja. Ibrahim and Musa shook hands with Mr. Jaja.

(ẹ) Here is my dog. My dog is called Kim.


4. Pick out the nouns and adjectives from the passage below.

An American millionaire, John .D. Rockefeller spent millions to help people but he never liked any expense which was for himself. One day to stay at a hotel in New York and asked for the cheapest room they had. ‘what is the price of the room?’ he asked. The manager told him.

‘Is that the lowest price room you have? I am staying here by myself and only need a small room’. The manager said, ‘that room is the smallest and cheapest we have’, and he added, ‘but why do you choose a poor room like that? ‘when your son stays here he always has our most expensive room; yours is the cheapest’.

‘Yes’, said Rockefeller, he has expensive tastes; but one can hardly blame him. You see, his father is a wealthy man, mine isn’t’.



Section D 



In not more than 200 words, write on any one of the followings:

1. Write a composition: ‘My first examination in a secondary school’.



2. Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him/her about yourself, stating five things that fascinate you in the school.