First Term Examination English Studies and Composition for Primary 3 (Basic 3) – Exam Questions






INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 



 Read the passage carefully and answer the following question.

l like long Holidays. l like to take trips in our family car. My brother likes to stay at home. Last holiday, My mother took us to her mother’s village. Nee Nwanyioma welcomed us. She was so happy to see us.

Nee Nwanyioma made my favourite foods. l had a plate of fufu and ofe nsala. My brother didn’t eat his food. He likes to eat junk food. He does not like to feed Nee Nwanyioma chickens. He likes to chase them too.

We spent lots of special time together in the village. l was sad to go home at the end of the holiday.



a. Why does the girl like long holiday?



b. How did she feel at the end of the holiday?



c. Junk food means


d. Did her brother enjoy the holiday?



e. Where did she go for her holiday ?






Choose the correct answer from the options given.

1. She _______________ the car yesterday

[a] drive

[b] drove

[c] driven


2. One of these is not a type of noun

[a] uncommon noun

[b] proper noun

[c] common noun


3. My father _________________ at the bank.

[a] walks

[b] works

[c] working


4. The baby _______ slept well today.

 [a] had

[b] has

[c] have


5. They ________________ caught the thief.

[a] have

[b] had

[c] have


6. Please __________________ kunle and l go and visit our friend

[a] will

[b] may

[c] can


7. We have a big house. There is _______________ space.

[a] enough

[b] a lot of

[c] no


8. Those books belong to all of us . They are _________________ .

[a] hers

[b] mine

[c] ours



9. The monkey ate a _________________ of banana.

[a] bunch

[b] galaxy

[c] cheap


10. _________________ went to visit grandma.

[a] them

[b] l

[c] us


11. The dog belongs to him. It is _________________.

[a] ours

[b] mine

[c] his


12. Don’t _________________ with fire.

[a] crawled

[b] works

[c] play


13. My hands were dirty, so l _________________ them.

[a] wash

[b] washs

[c] washed


14. He has _________________ them at one o’clock every day.

[a] visited

[b] visit

[c] sit


15. l have lived in mower _________________ two years.

[a] since

[b] for

[c] about


16. She has liked dancing _________________ she was small .

[a] about

[b] since

[c] for


17. My brother is going to _________________ united states of America.

[a] a

[b] an

[c] the



18. She eats _________________ apple everyday.

[a] an

[b] the

[c] a


19. We should _________________ our teeth everyday.

[a] brush

[b] brushed

[c] brushing


20. My uncle _________________ a new car last month.

[a] buying

[b] buy

[c] bought




Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. Fill in the gaps with collective nouns:

a. A _________________________ of actors.

b. A __________________________ of angels.

c. A ___________________________ of insects.

d. A ____________________________ of kings.


2. Complete the table:

Positive                              Comparative                     Superlative

a. Bad worse                    _________________          _________________

b. Little                              _________________          _________________



c. Old.                                _________________          _________________

d. _________________           More beautiful           __________________


3. Underline the verb from the following sentences:

a. My mother bought a new car.

b. She sang a very good song.

c. Peter and Olu are jumping on the field.

d. My brother won the prize for the best student.


4. Define Noun.

b. Choose the correct pronoun.

a. ( l , it ) like long holidays. ( us , They ) are fun.

b. ( Her , She ) was happy to see ( we, us ) .

c. We packed to go on ( them , our ) holiday.

d. Did ( she, him ) hug her grandmother.


5. Fill in the gaps with correct form of word given in the bracket.

a. The shop sells many _________________ ( glass ).

b. She has three beautiful _________________ ( child ).



c. My _________________ hurt ( tooth ).

d. _________________ ( lady ) and _________________( gentleman ) the ceremony begins “now’’ said the pastor.