Happy New year and Happy Resumption. This is inform you that our contents are under review to meet the new set standards as stated in Lagos State Scheme of Work 2021 Edition.

First Term Examination Physical and Health Education Primary 1 (Basic 1)





CLASS – PRIMARY 1 (Basic 1) 





Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. _____________ is track event.

[a] 2 metres

[b] 10 metres

[c] 50 metres


2. Which animal makes creative movement?

[a] Lion

[b] Dog

[c] Cat


3. The part of the body use for throwing objects is _____________ .

[a] foot

[b] knee

[c] hand


4. ___________ means to move by lifting down each foot in turn slowly.

[a] running

[b] walking

[c] hopping


5. When is good to exercise our body?

[a] Noon

[b] Morning

[c] Night


6. Running is a form of _____________ .

[a] exercise



[b] jumping

[c] skipping


7. _____________ skills are those skills used to move the body from one place to another.

[a] Locomotor

[b] Non Locomotor

[c] Bad Locomotor


8. _____________ is part of locomotor movement.

[a] Cooking

[b] Jumping

[c] Writing


9. We should keep our surroundings _____________.

[a] dirty

[b] rough

[c] clean


10. _____________ is an example of manipulative movement.

[a] dancing

[b] catching

[c] looking


11. To maintain personal health, we must take our bath _____________ .

[a] once in a month

[b] yearly

[c] daily


12. Physical education is that part of education that is concerned with training of the _____________.

[a] body

[b] mind

[c] air


13. We should keep our surroundings clean by _____________ .

[a] wetting



[b] sweeping

[c] littering


14. We clean our body to prevent _____________ on our body.

[a] fat

[b] smart

[c] germs


15. _____________ is an example of non locomotor movement.

[a] Bending

[b] Dancing

[c] Jumping




Attempt all questions. 

1. Mention 2 locomotor movement.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________


2. Write 2 objects we can throw.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________


3. List out 5 parts of body you know.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________

III. __________________________

IV. __________________________

V. __________________________


4. Mention two materials use for cleaning the body.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________



5. State 2 animals that can make creative movement.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________