First Term Examination Physical and Health Education Primary 1 (Basic 1)





CLASS – PRIMARY 1 (Basic 1) 





Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. _____________ is track event.

[a] 2 metres

[b] 10 metres

[c] 50 metres


2. Which animal makes creative movement?

[a] Lion

[b] Dog

[c] Cat


3. The part of the body use for throwing objects is _____________ .

[a] foot

[b] knee

[c] hand


4. ___________ means to move by lifting down each foot in turn slowly.

[a] running

[b] walking

[c] hopping


5. When is good to exercise our body?

[a] Noon

[b] Morning

[c] Night


6. Running is a form of _____________ .

[a] exercise



[b] jumping

[c] skipping


7. _____________ skills are those skills used to move the body from one place to another.

[a] Locomotor

[b] Non Locomotor

[c] Bad Locomotor


8. _____________ is part of locomotor movement.

[a] Cooking

[b] Jumping

[c] Writing


9. We should keep our surroundings _____________.

[a] dirty

[b] rough

[c] clean


10. _____________ is an example of manipulative movement.

[a] dancing

[b] catching

[c] looking


11. To maintain personal health, we must take our bath _____________ .

[a] once in a month

[b] yearly

[c] daily


12. Physical education is that part of education that is concerned with training of the _____________.

[a] body

[b] mind

[c] air


13. We should keep our surroundings clean by _____________ .

[a] wetting



[b] sweeping

[c] littering


14. We clean our body to prevent _____________ on our body.

[a] fat

[b] smart

[c] germs


15. _____________ is an example of non locomotor movement.

[a] Bending

[b] Dancing

[c] Jumping




Attempt all questions. 

1. Mention 2 locomotor movement.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________


2. Write 2 objects we can throw.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________


3. List out 5 parts of body you know.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________

III. __________________________

IV. __________________________

V. __________________________


4. Mention two materials use for cleaning the body.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________



5. State 2 animals that can make creative movement.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________