Second Term Examination Civic Education SS 2








Answer all questions

1. ___________________ is not a way of preserving our customs in Nigeria.

(a) greetings

(b) dressing

(c) food

(d) investment


2. Nigeria is located in the ___________________ African Sub – Region.

(a) South

(b) East

(c) North

(d) West


3. National ___________________ is the awareness that one is a citizen of a particular nation.

(a) identity

(b) unity

(c) consciousness

(d) integrity


4. All are ways of promoting national consciousness, integrity and unity except ___________________.

(a) intolerance

(b) harmony

(c) patriotism

(d) inter-marriage


5. An economic system in which production of goods, distribution and ownership of labour lie in the hands of private individuals is referred to as ___________________.

(a) socialism

(b) gerontocracy

(c) plutocracy

(d) capitalism



6. The non – engagement of factors of production to earn their rewards is called ___________________.

(a) unemployment

(b) manufacturing

(c) employment

(d) producer


7. Political parties compete for powers through the following ways except ___________________

(a) campaign

(b) manifesto

(c) lorries

(d) slogan


8. The feeling of not being interested in the politics of a nation is called ___________________.

(a) political association

(b) political socialization

© political neutrality

(d) political apathy


9. The Nigerian federation started under the council of ___________________.

(a) Sir Herbert Macaulay

(b) Sir Bernard Boudillon

(c) Sir Hugh Clifford

(d) Sir Lord Luggard


10. The father of Nigerian Nationalism is traceable to ___________________.

(a) Sir Lord Luggard

(b) Sir John Macpherson

(c) Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

(d) Chief Anthony Enahoro



11. A chemical that changes a person’s mood or behavior is ___________________.


12. Forms of drug abuse include ___________________, ___________________, ___________________, ___________________, etc.

13. Nitrous oxide is also called ___________________.


14. The recent corona virus originated in ___________________ town in China.


15. SON also stands for ______________________________________.


16. NAFDAC was establish by Military ___________________.


17. The agency responsible for the enforcement and arrest of drug traffickers is ___________________.


18. The first female Director of NAFDAC was ______________________________________.


19. The running mate to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the 2019 General elections in Nigeria was ___________________.


20. Nigeria is a multi-party state simply because she ___________________.




Answer four (4) questions in all.

1a. Define the term drug.

1b. In what four ways can drugs be taken?


2a. Differentiate between drug trafficking and drug abuse.

2b. List four behaviours exhibited by drug addicts.


3a. State and explain two government agencies that are working to prevent drug abuse.

3b. From 1960 till date, trace the past Heads of state and presidents of Nigeria.


4a. Define employment.

4b. List all the factors of production and their respective rewards.


5a. In terms of their definitions, state the major difference between capitalism and a mixed economy.

5b. State the countries that have the followings as their capitals:

(i) Rome

(ii) Greenland

(iii) Casablanca

(iv) Khartoum

(v) Mogadishu

(vi) Harare

(vii) Lusaka

(viii) Pretoria

(ix) Maputo

(x) Libreville