Second Term Examination Data Processing SS 2 – Exam Questions








Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. A ____________________ is a collection of data, usually stored disk

[a] Entity

[b] organisation

[c] file


2. The following criteria must be considered when choosing a file organisation except ____________________.

[a] fast access to single record or collection of related records.

[b] deleting of files records.

[c] storage efficiency.


3. ____________________ file organisation,records and organized in sequence by which they were added.

[a] Relative

[b] sequence

[c] indexed


4. The file organization that contains reference numbers, like employee numbers, that identify a record in relation to other records is called ____________________.

[a] distributed

[b] relative

[c] indexed


5. ____________________ refer to the process of moving from one place to another on the internet .

[a] cyber space

[b] browse

[c] chat room


6. The process of retrieving information from the internet onto a personal computer is called ____________________.

[a] download

[b] electronic mail

[c] upload


7. The ____________________ is a collection of web pages, just like a book with multiple pages.

[a] opera



[b] browser

[c] website


8. The internet can be used as a tool to carry out transactions with banks irrespective of user’s location.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


9. Which of the following is an example of computer virus?

[a] Trojan

[b] Spam

[c] Cyber crime


10. ____________________ is an example of presentation package

[a] Microsoft word

[b] Ms power point

[c] Gallery


11. ____________________ allows users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies.

[a] google maps

[b] web plus

[c] Web


12. Which of following is not a features of presentation packages?

[a] effective topography

[b] creating graphics

[c] creation of slides


13. A webpage is a text file containing ____________________ formatting tags and links to graphic files and other web pages through a web server.

[a] website

[b] HTML

[c] microsoft frontpage


14. Which of the following is an example of graphic packages?

[a] Adobe photoshop



[b] colour pallete

[c] macromedia flash


15. The ____________________ is use for placing Artistic text and paragraph text.

[a] zoom tool

[b] interactive tool

[c] text tool.


16. A browser is also called ____________________________________.


17. ____________________ is a place where a number of personal computers

connected to the internet are made available for use by customers.


18. HTTP stands for ____________________________________________.


19. The ____________________ allows for the quick application of a colored fill or outline color.


20. ____________________ is a private computer network within an organization.




Answer Four questions only.



a. Explain the meaning of the term graphics.



b. Mention 4 example of graphics package.

c. State the common features of graphics package.

d. List step to clean DVD drive lens.



a. Define the term Web Design.


b. List examples of web design packages.


c. Mention three components of web packages.


d. Explain the following:

i. Microsoft Frontpage.

ii. Adobe Dreamweaver.



a. What is file organisation?


b. Mention and explain types of file organisation.


. What are the factors to consider when choosing a file organisation method?



a. Explain the term presentation package.


b. List examples of presentation package.


c. State and explain the main features of presentation package.


d. What is internet security?



a. Define internet.


b. List six internet browsers .


c. State three benefits and three abuses of internet.


d. Explain the following TERMS.



i. Cyber space ii. Electronic MAIL.

iii. Protocol iv. Internet service provider.