Second Term Examination English Language Exam Questions for JSS 2 (Basic 8)











Choose the correct answers from the alternatives A – D. 

1. The teacher ________________ Finished advising the students before Joseph walked into the classroom.

(a) Has

(b) had

(c) have

(d) was


2. There aren’t very many employment ________________ in the country nowadays.

(a) opportunity

(b) opportunity

(c) opportunities

(d) places


3. Is that the girl ________________ parents visited us last week?

(a) Whom

(b) who

(c) which

(d) whose


4. The dog has had ________________ meal.

(a) it’s

(b) ‘tis

(c) its’

(d) it’s


5. Musa asked his friends to ________________ him some money.

(a) hire

(b) borrow

(c) lent

(d) lend


From the word or group of words lettered A – D, choose the one that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words.

6. The purpose of the meeting is to cause trouble.

(a) result

(b) end

(c) aim

(d) view


7. I want to know where they obtained the clay for making those fine pots.

(a) put



(b) observed

(c) saw

(d) got


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8. We fortified the door with the new locks after the armed robbery attack.

(a) replaced

(b) wedged

(c) hammered

(d) changed


9. The villagers had surplus food after the harvest.

(a) Enough (b) excess (c) some (d) adequate


10. Amina, please look after your brother while I’m away.

(a) Understand

(b) eat with

(c) take care of

(d) run after


Choose the best words from the above words to complete the blanks in the following passage.

Prescribed ward drowsy recovery pills contacted remedy infection treatment

My friend and I visited his father at the medical ________11________ of the Lagos state university teaching hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja. He was receiving ________12________ for typhoid ________13________ which he ________14________ from eating unhygienic prepared food sold on their street. As a ________15________, the doctor ________16________ an antibiotic for him.


 When we got to the ward, he was still feeling ________17________ because he had been given sleeping ________18________.

The doctor advised him to take a daily ________19________ of the antibiotics tablet twice. He was also told to relax regularly for a quick ________20________.


Choose the word that has the right sound in their pronunciation.

21. / / (a) destroy (b) mouth (c) fly (d) stew


22. / / (a) floor (b) alight (c) king (d) feel


23. / / (a) mute (b) shout (c) play (d) till


24. / / (a) lake (b) leave (c) seal (d) alone


25. / / (a) shelf (b) ear (c) cool (d) sell





 INSRUCTION: Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.



It is very important for everyone to be familiar with elementary first aid measures. You don’t have to be a Doctor to administer first Aid, as the following story shows.


 One day, a young student caught a bus from Lagos to Surulere. It was the height of the rush hour, and as the bus approached Costain roundabout, a middle aged man standing in the gangway suddenly collapsed. The passengers started to shout immediately. Hearing this, the driver pulled into the side. As soon as the bus stopped, most of the passengers jumped off and ran away. Only five stayed on the bus. “Don’t touch him!’ said one. ‘He may be suffering from a contagious disease!’. ‘Or we may be placed in quarantine in hospital for days!’ said the third passenger, also getting off. The student took no notice of them. Calmly, he knelt down beside the man, and put his ear against the man’s chest.


 ‘He’s breathing!’ he announced. ‘Are all the windows opened? He needs fresh air’. The good Samaritan loosened the man’s collar and tie, and he began to revive. It was very lucky for the man that one person at least knew about first aid.



1 Why do you think the man fainted?

2 Why do you think most of the people ran away?

3 According to the writer, what should you do if you want to learn about first aid? How else could you learn about it?



4a Who is the ‘good Samaritan’(in the last paragraph)?

4b Explain what this expression means.

5 What else might the student correctly have done to assist the man?

6 for each of the following words, find another word which means the same and which can replace it as used in the passage.

(I) contagious

(ii) collapsed

(iii) administer

(iv) measures

(v) be familiar with




Question 1.

Write each of the following in the reported speech form.

I ‘Run!’ The sports master ordered the students.

II ‘The students have been reading one novel for a week now’, said the teacher.

Iii ‘Be quiet!’ my father shouted at Olu.

Iv The secretary said, ‘you ought to attend the meeting.

V My aunt asked, ‘will you visit in this winter’?


Question 2.

Put into bracket, the prepositional phrase in each of the following sentences. Underline the preposition once and the object of the preposition twice.

1 I gave her money for her food.

2 I bought some fruits from the market.

3 She put the sequins along the edge.

4 Keep your shoes under the bed.

5 She swept the floor with a broom.


Question 3.

In each of the sentences below, there are blank spaces. Fill each numbered space with any of the punctuation marks; comma (,), quotation mark(“ “), question mark(?), exclamation(!), hyphen(-), full stop(.), semi colon(;) and colon(:)

I. As the aeroplane took off, Mike shouted ________1________ ________2 ________ farewell ________3________ my sweet mother ________4________.


II. James takes pre ________5________ packed food to work everyday.


III. ________6________ help ________7________ help ________8________ ________9________ the kitchen is on fire ________10________ ________11________ the woman yelled


IV. Can you give me some water ________12________



V. Let us go to the zoo to see strong lions ________13________ elephants ________14________ monkeys and leopards ________15________ there are graceful and beautiful peacocks ________16________ herons and cranes too.






 Instruction: write in not less than 250 words on any one of the followings. 

1. Write an argumentative essay on the topic: Herbal medicine is more potent than synthetic medicine.


2. Write to the Chief Inspector of the licensing department in your region informing him that you are aware that many drivers do not have the required license or permit. Suggest that this situation is given attention.



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