Third Term Examination Basic Science and Technology Kindergarten – KG (Age 5) – Exam Questions






Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. Safe water must be ______________.

[a] tasteless

[b] green in color


2. Drinking dirty water can cause ______________.

[a] good health

[b] sickness


3. Purification of water make it safe for ______________.

[a] drinking

[b] bathing


4. Water is important to all ______________.

[a] non-living things

[b] living things


5. Water born diseases are diseases that lives inside the water.

[a] True

[b] False


6. Cholera and dysentery are water born diseases.



[a] False

[b] True


7. Boiling is one method of ______________ purification.

[a] water

[b] petrol


8. Consult your ______________ when you have water born diseases.

[a] farmer

[b] doctor


9. We can store water in a ______________.

[a] car

[b] bucket


10. Water is a ______________.

[a] acid

[b] liquid


11. Alum is another way of purifying.

[a] True

[b] False


12. Guinea worm is a water born diseases.

[a] True

[b] False


13. Kerosene can also be added to make water clean.



 [a] True

[b] False


14. A fracture is a ______________.

[a] cut

[b] broken bone


15. The first treatment given to an injured person is ______________.

[a] second aid

[b] first aid



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