Third Term Examination Computer Studies (JSS 3 Mock Examination) Basic 9










Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. An electronic device that can accept data,process data and give information as output is called ___________________.

[a] input

[b] processor

[c] output

[d] computer


2. The person regarded as the modern father of computer is .___________________ .

[a] Blaise pascal

[b] Samuel morland

[c] Charles babbage

[d] Joseph jacquard


3. One of the following is not a characteristics of a computer.

[a] Versatility

[b] Industry

[c] Diligence

[d] Speed


4. VSLI was first used in which generation of computers?

[a] 1st generation

[b] 2nd generation

[c] 3rd generation

[d] 4th generation



5. The following are elements on the screen of the monitor EXCEPT ___________________.

[a] menu [b] taskbar [c] icon [d] Tab key


6. Data is lost due to laxity in the ___________________.

[a] security procedure

[b] processing procedure

[c] sorting procedure

[d] arrangement


7. The memory that is temporary & volatile in nature is ___________________.

[a] MAN

[b] RAM

[c] ROM



8. Visual information includes ___________________.

i. text

ii. graphics

iii. sound

iv. picture

[a] i, ii, and iv

[b] ii and iv only

[c] ii, iii and iv

[d] iii and iv


9. X and Y are called ___________________.

[a] logic gate

[b] truth table

[c] inputs

[d] output



10. The socket into which computer peripherals are plugged is known as ___________________.

[a] hardware

[b] port

[c] wall socket

[d] mother board


11. Computer game is best defined as ___________________.

[a] computer programmes produced for leisure and relaxation.

[b] computer activities for relaxation

[c] computer virus

[d] computer virus and anti – virus


12. Data processing life cycle include ___________________.

i. origination

ii. input

iii. processing

iv. storage

v. output


[a] i, ii and iii

[b] ii, iii, iv and v

[c] i, iv and v

[d] all of the above


13. Computer system is applicable in the school system for the following except ___________________.

[a] preparation of scores sheet.

[b] typing of question papers.

[c] recording of attendance and marks.

[d] employment of artisans


14. Which of the following is not a quality of a good information?

[a] accurate

[b] meaningful

[c] expensive

[d] relevant


15. Ancient methods of information transmitting include the following except ___________________.

[a] oral

[b] telex

[c] fire lighting

[d] town crier



16. BASIC programming is an example of ___________________.

[a] low level language

[b] machine Language

[c] high level language

[d] analyst language


17. The smallest unit of computer information is referred to as ___________________.

[a] bits

[b] bytes

[c] nibbles

[d] kilobytes


18. Which of the following is not an information age?

[a] Stone age

[b] Iron age

[c] Wood age

[d] Middle age


19. Proccessed data is known as ___________________.

[a] raw facts

[b] communication

[c] telecommunication

[d] information


20. The devices below are examples of analogue computer except ___________________.

[a] speedometer

[b] barometer

[c] rain gauge

[d] hibernate



21. “ When a program encounters an error from which it takes place longer time recover, it is ___________________ necessary to restart the computer“,Which option describe the above operation?

[a] shutting down

[b] cold booting

[c] warm booting

[d] starting up


22. A word processor is used for ___________________.

[a] drawing diagrams

[b] calculating figures

[c] painting pictures

[d] typing documents


23. UPS in a computer peripherals and it is used for ___________________.

[a] prevention of virus attack.

[b] prevention of fire outbreak

[c] prevention of power usage.

[d] prevention of power outage


24. Convert 4 to a number base two .

[a] 100

[b] 1000

[c] 10000

[d] 1000000



25. Rules in the computer room are the following except ___________________.

[a] arrange chairs in a comfortable way.

[b] use dust cover to cover the systems.

[c] do not put computer on the floor.

[d] use wet towel to clean the computer.


26. In BASIC language which of the following is program terminator?

[a] LET

[b] REM

[c] END

[d] DATA


27. The inter connections of many computers that can share information at almost the same time from any part of the world is possible through the use of ___________________.

[a] internet

[b] modem

[c] google

[d] email


28. Which of the following is valid email address?

[a] kemi@yahoo/com

[b] [email protected]

[c] kemi@yahoo,com

[d] kemi@yahoo;com


29. The following are graphics package except ___________________.

[a] paint

[b] corel draw

[c] instant artist

[d] power point



30. A collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for the computer programs is ___________________.

[a] operating system

[b] computing system

[c] system software

[d] utility software


31. Which of the following is not an example of people ware?

[a] programmer

[b] analyst

[c] computer manager

[d] computer security


32. Which of these is not an operating system?

[a] DOS

[b] windows


[d] UNIX


33. The area where we enter text, document, & insert picture to do our work is known as ___________________.

[a] ruler

[b] work space

[c] page width

[d] scroll bar


34. What is the first cell in a worksheet?

[a] AA

[b] AZ

[c] AI

[d] AB



35. In Microsoft word Ctrl + V is used to ___________________.

[a] highlight

[b] paste the text

[c] cut the text

[d] open the text


36. In changing the font style in word processing (MS Word ) which of the menu option is involved?

[a] File

[b] Edit

[c] Create

[d] Window


37. Which type of computer is the speed meter of a car?

[a] digital computer

[b] analog computer

[c] hybrid computer

[d] main frame computer


38. Keys that are used for entering numbers and to perform arithmetic operation are ___________________.

[a] Numeric key

[b] Alphabetic key

[c] Special keys

[d] Function keys


39. The following are types of micro computer EXCEPT ___________________.

[a] desktop

[b] tower

[c] palm top

[d] laptop



40. The shortcut to cut is ___________________.

[a] Ctrl + X

[b] Ctrl + V

[c] Ctrl + P

[d] Ctrl + C


41. The following are examples of input devices except ___________________.

[a] joystick

[b] scanner

[c] microphone

[d] plotter


42. What does COBOL stand for ___________________?

[a] computer oriented business language.

[b] Computer board business language.

[c] Common business oriented language.

[d] common board business language.


43. The program that translates sources codes in high level language to object codes is called ___________________.

[a] complier

[b] assembler

[c] interpreter

[d] text editor


Use the AND truth table below to answer the following questions.


A                 B                 C

0                 0                  x

0                 1                  0

1                 0                  0

1                 1                  Y


44. The missing digit X is ___________________.

[a] 1

[b] 1, 0

[c] 0, 1

[d] 0


45. The missing digit Y is ___________________.

[a] 1

[b] 0, 1

[c] 1

[d] 1, 0



46. Computer Virus ___________________.

[a] helps the computer malfunction.

[b] makes the computer work faster .

[c] helps to store information.

[d] protect computer from thieves.


47. The monitor that displays one colour is called ___________________.

[a] super chrome

[b] one colour monitor

[c] extreme colour

[d] monochrome


48. The process of reservation is difficult without computers in ___________________.

[a] railways

[b] airlines

[c] shipping

[c] all of the above


49. Which of the following professionals use computer for ___________________.

i. solving numerical problem

ii. storing

iii. receiving and

iv. displaying documents/information

[a] civil engineering and architect

[b] teacher and doctor

[c] banker, lawyer, and teacher

[d] nurse, teacher and operator


50. The following ancient methods of counting except ___________________.

[a] fingers and toes

[b] stones and pebbles

[c] sticks and grains

[d] abacus and calculating machine




Attempt any five questions in this section


1. What is a Computer?

b. Define computer software and hardware; Give examples .

c. Name 8 places where computer can be used

d. What are the benefits of a computer?


2. What are the characteristics of a computer ?

b. How are computers helpful in business and education ?

c. What is the advantage of a laptop over desktop ?


3. Differentiate between system and application software .

b. Define input and output device.

c. Explain the use of the following :

i. keyboard

ii. mouse

iii. printer

iv. monitor


4. Define computer language

b. What is a programming Language ?

c. What is the difference between a machine and assembly Language.


5. What do you understand by telecommunication ?

b. Explain the use of telecommunication in networking

c. What are the various uses of the following

i. mobile phones

ii. ATM

iii. Radio

iv. Television


6. Define booting.

ii How many types of booting do we have ? Name them and Explain.

b. Explain the following :

i. icons

ii. recycle bin

iii. Status bar

iv. Title bar

c. How do you select a program from start menu?


7. Differentiate between word processing and word processor .

b. What is Cut, Copy and paste?

c. Name 5 different component / icon which can be found in MS – word .

d. Name 5 fonts in MS – word .


8. What are the benefits of networking?

b. Define Modem

c. With the aid of diagram compare Star and ring topology.