Third Term Examination English Language JSS 1 (Basic 7) – Exam Questions










Instruction: choose the correct answer from the alternatives A – D. 

1. Which of these is a word of six syllables?

(a) Ability

(b) Misunderstanding

(c) Evangelism

(d) Misappropriation


2. Funke plays records at home, _____________?

(a) hasn’t she

(b) isn’t she

(c) does she

(d) doesn’t she


3. The teacher teaches well . The underlined word is a/an _____________.

(a) noun

(b) adjective

(c) adverb

(d) pronoun


4. _____________ is the comparative of the adjective – ‘LITTLE’.

(a) Least



(b) More

(c) Less

(d) Most


5. A swam is to flies, as _____________ is to monkeys.

(a) fleet

(b) audience

(c) army

(d) troop


6. The students were prohibited _____________ playing in the school farm.

(a) by

(b) from

(c) against

(d) into


7. We’re going to have our big test soon, _____________?

(a) aren’t we

(b) are we

(c) do we

(d) did we


8. The plural of the noun ‘Scissors’ is _____________.

(a) scissorses

(b) scissor

(c) scissors

(d) seasoning


9. This is the woman _____________ purse was snatched by the thieves.

(a) who



(b) which

(c) whom

(d) whose


10. How _____________ oil would you like to buy?

(a) much

(b) many

(c) more

(d) plenty


11. ‘Tayo plants food crops around the young trees’, is written in the passive form as _____________.

(a) food crops were planted around the young trees

(b) food crops are being planted around the young trees

(c) food crops will be planted around the young trees

(d) food crops are planted around the young trees


Below is a summary of a story. Write it out, filling in the blank spaces with the simple past tense form of the verbs above the summarized story.

Run wash set out shoot

Stick eat gallop ride

Sit down take make for hear


 After finishing their work, everyone _______12______, _______13______ and _______14______ lunch. After lunch, they all _______15______ for home. Almost immediately, they _______16______ warning shouts and hoofs beats, but they _______17______ no notice. Then a horseman _______18______ towards them. The head of the family _______19______ an arrow at him, but it _______20______in his shield. The horsemen _______21______ him down. Soon more horsemen _______22______ us, and we _______23______ away.



24. Which of the following has the consonant sound /kw/?

(a) ledger

(b) quarter

(c) crime

(d) sprinkle


25. The word ‘trench’ is translated as _____________.


From the options lettered A – D, choose the word that has the right sound in the pronunciation.

26. / au /

(a) Bungalow

(b) Town

(c) Millionaire

(d) Sincere


27. / s /

(a) Scissors

(b) Pleasure

(c) Huge

(d) Cash


28. / з /

(a) Usually

(b) Edge

(c) Injection

(d) Chop


29. / ts /

(a) Present



(b) Glean

(c) Butcher

(d) Religion


30. / /

(a) toe

(b) chip

(c) joy

(d) cow





Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. 


Mr. Momodu and Mr. Mbama were two traders. They each had a shop in the centre of the town. The two were very good friends. But people used to laugh when they saw them together, for while Mr. Momodu was exceptionally tall, MrMbama was exceptionally short. MrMomodu was 1.95m tall while his friend was only 1.35m.

One day, the two men were talking together when a white Peugeot 504 stopped on the other side of the street. The driver got out, and started to walk towards them. Suddenly, a man dressed in a white T-shirt and brown trousers ran out of a side-street and pulled out a pistol. “Give me your car keys, your cell phone and your wallet” he shouted, pointing the pistol at the driver’s chest.

A few moments later, the thief had driven away towards the main road, leaving the driver standing in the road, too dazed to speak or move.A few minutes later, Mr Momodu and his friend were at the police station, helping the police in their enquiries.

“The robber was very short……..began MrMomodu. “No, he wasn’t, he was tall! Interrupted Mr. Mbama. Sergeant Obi looked from one to the other as they started to argue. Just then Inspector James walked in. He listened for a few minutes, and then called for silence. “I think I can solve this problem, he began. “it is clear that in comparison with MrMomodu the robber was short. But in comparison with Mr. Mbama, he was tall. Can you agree therefore that as one of you is very tall, and the other very short, the wanted man is probably of average height?” the two friends were delighted with the simple solution. As a result of the interviews with the two friends, the police issued a description of the wanted man.



1. Why did Mr. Momodu think that the robber was short?

2. How did the inspector solve the problem?

3. The third paragraph of the story said the driver was too dazed to move. Give another word which is closest in meaning to the word ‘dazed’.

4. What did the inspector mean by the “wanted man”?

5. In comparison with Mr. Mbama, how tall was the robber?

6. What estimate do think could be the height of the robber?





1. identify the proper nouns in the following sentences.

i. The Queen Elizabeth sails from Southampton to New York.

ii. William Shakespeare was one of England’s greatest poets.

iii. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.

iv. On the plate, there were some bananas and oranges.

v. The guard blows his whistle and waves his flag. The wheels begin to move and the train leaves the station.

vi. Camels can carry heavy loads.

vii. The Red sea is to the east of Egypt.



viii. My birthday is on Thursday, the 15th of May.

ix. Kainji is not far from the Niger.

x. The King of Ruritania and the Prince are going to the United states of America.


2. Write the followings in their passive forms:

i. The teacher tells many tales about the origin of the universe.

ii. The historians never wrote down much of Africa’s history,

iii. Someone made this bronze a thousand years ago.

iv. I am going to watch a movie precisely by 4 o’clock today.

v. We keep our own car on the other space.

vi. The federal government of Nigeria created the Federal Road Safety Commission in February.

vii. Timi will borrow my bicycle.

viii. I must change my dress for the party.

ix. Mother buys a lot of chocolate.

x. They were singing a lot of songs.


3. Compete the following statements with suitable question tags:

i. You needn’t give the man five shillings, _____________?

ii. We have been doing some painting, _____________?

iii. I believed the cat hadn’t stolen the meat, _____________?

iv. We were sorry you had to go so early, _____________?

v. You told me to see the picture at the cinema and I saw it, _____________?

vi. There isn’t enough food for all of us, _____________?



vii. We shan’t have another lesson for a week, _____________?

viii. She couldn’t answer all the questions in the examination, _____________?

ix. He does understand what we say, _____________?

x. There’s a mouse eating that yam, _____________?





Instruction: Answer one question from this section. Your answer should be about 200 words long.

1. Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him/her why you chose English studies as your favourite subject, giving at least five ways in which the subject will affect your future career positively.



2. Describe a cultural event that you have recently watched in your community.



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