Third Term Examination English Studies and Compositions Primary 4 (Basic 4) – Exam Questions








Eating habit is the manner we which we eat.It is the behaviour that we put up while eating.

There are different tribe with different types of food. The Igbos for example take akpu and oha soup as the favourite dish. The yorubas people especialyy those from Ekiti and Ondo state like pounded yam and Vegetable soup. Tuwo Shinkafa, Tuwo musra, Fura and so on are some of the hausa foods.

Talking or gisting while eating, rushing food and chewing food properly are some behaviours that are bad while eating.



A. What is eating habit?

B. What is lgbo peoples’s favourite food?



C. Mention two traditional dishes of Hausa.

D. How many tribes are mention in this passage?

E. Mention two bad habits you must’nt do while eating food?




Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. __________ a loaf is better than none.

[a] Full

[b] Half

[c] Two thirds


2. Out of the frying pan into the __________.

[a] love

[b] sauce pan

[c] fire


3. __________ head are better than one.

[a] Two



[b] More

[c] Many


4. Being prompt in everything you do is __________.

[a] rewarding

[b] rewinding

[c] reckless


5. Make while the sun __________.

[a] shining

[b] shines

[c] shine


6. __________ stole my money.

[a] Who

[b] Which

[c] What


7. Look at __________ bungalow over there.

[a] those

[b] whose

[c] that


8. Where is the man __________ son was Kidnapped.

[a] which

[b] where

[c] whose


9. You must not go out __________ you finish your home work.

[a] if



[b] so

[c] unless


10. l saw them __________ they were crossing the road.

[a] when

[b] If not

[c] unless


11. Tunde like potatoes __________ hate cocoyam.

[a] but

[b] can

[c] so


12. l __________ yesterday to see my granny.

[a] travelled

[b] travel

[c] traveling


13. l shall not be late, __________ l?

[a] may

[b] can

[c] shall


14. __________ made sound /ei/.

[a] Table



[b] Able

[c] School


15. Underline word with sound /au/.

[a] home

[b] house

[c] fish


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Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Match the word to the correct answer.

A. Vehicles         gases and smokes which usually smell badly.

B. Rickety           permission to become a member of a school.

C. Fumes            to pay to get the use of something.

D. Hire                machines that transport people or goods from one place to another.

E. Admission    old and in bad condition.


2. Write the opposite these sentences

A. Good        __________



B. Same       __________

C. Give          __________

D. Hate         __________


3. Say whether each of the statement give advice, advertisement or warning.

a. Omo is sold in our shop __________.

b. Be hardworking, you will surely succeed __________.

c. Be careful, you may fall __________.

d. It is good to be honest __________.


4. Re – arrange these word into correct sentences.

A. Lagos travelled yesterday to we.

B. Cat sat the table under.

C. A slow the very animal snail is.

D. School my is beautiful.

E. Is in lagos west Nigeria of.


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Choose one out of the following topics. 

A. Write an informal letter to your friend in Ajeromi Primary school, informing him/her about your preparation for your up coming examination in July.




B. Write a composition about your best friend.



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