Third Term Examination Mathematics Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions







Attempt all the questions.


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. ______________ is the degree of hotness or coldness of the body.

[a] Power

[b] Temperature

[c] Celsius


2. Convert 30º C to degree Fahrenheit.

[a] 86º

[b] 76º

[c] 66º


3. Each of the angles of an equilateral triangle measure ______________.

[a] 80º



[b] 60º

[c] 45º


4. Which of the plane shapes has four lines of symmetry?

[a] Rectangle

[b] Square

[c] Triangle


5. Two lines are said to be ______________ if they intersect at a right angle.

[a] parallel lines

[b] perpendicular lines

[c] diagonal lines


6. Calculate the lettered angle in the figure below:



[a] 55ª

[b] 45ª

[c] 35ª


7. Name these 3 – dimensional shape?


[a] Prism

[b] Cylinder

[c] Net cylinder


8. How many edges are there in the shape of a cuboid?

[a] 6 edges

[b] 9 edges

[c] 12 edges


9. The distance round a circle or its boundary called ______________.

[a] diameter



[b] radius

[c] circumference


10. The measurement from base to top is called ______________.

[a] distance

[b] height

[c] perimeter


11. Convert 1001two to base 10?

[a] 910

[b] 1410

[c] 1210


12. Evaluate 11101two – 1011two

[a] 10010two

[b] 10010two

[c] 10011two


13. ______________ means the collection, classification analysis, presentation and interpretation of data.

[a] Graph

[b] Tally

[c] Statistics


Study this data and answer and answer the 2, 2, 2, 4, 8, 5, 6, 4, 3, 4

14. What is the mode of the data?

[a] 2



[b] 5

[c] 5


15. The mean is

[a] 40

[b] 15

[c] 4


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Attempt all questions in this section. 


A. Convert 30º C to degree Fahrenheit.

B. Convert 35º F to degree Celsius.

C. Indicate the type of lines in each case?



A. State 2 each properties of the following plane shapes.

I. Rhombus

II. Square

III. Kite


B. Write these angle sizes in degrees:

I. 1½ right angle



II. Two third of a right angle

III. 80% of 3 right angle



A. How many edges are there in the following 3 – dimensional shapes:

I. Cylinder

II. Prism

III. A matches box

B. A wheel of circumference 40cm is for 200 times, what was the distance covered?



A. Express each of the following in metres:

I. 500 cm

II. 480 cm

III. 10,000 cm

B. Convert 1110two to base 10.



A. In a class the number of pupils who passed English is 40, mathematics 90, science 50, and literature 45. Represent this information in a pictogram.



B. Find the simple interest on ₦600.00 for 4 years at 6% per annum.


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