Exam Questions – Second Term Examination Computer Studies Primary 4 (Basic 4)









Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. Application software are also called __________________.

[a] system software

[b] productivity

[c] programs


2. Paint is used to draw a picture from scratch or edit an image that has already been created.

[a] true

[b] false

[c] maybe


3. A __________________ is one or more wires that connects a computer to a power source or other device.

[a] UPs

[b] Cable

[c] Network


4. Anti – virus is also part of the operating system.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] No and Yes


5. A cable can be called all these names expect __________________.

[a] cord

[b] plug

[c] disconector


6. __________________ is not a type of computer cables.

[a] Data cable



[b] Power cable

[c] Modern cable


7. _______________ is not a part of the computer.

[a] System

[b] Keyboard

[c] Antenna


8. Software is/are __________________.

[a] physical components of computer

[b] soft part of a computer

[c] programs of a computer


9. Software is stored in ________________.

[a] keyboard

[b] computer memory

[c] joystick


10. __________________ uses the computer system to perform useful work beyond the basic operation of the computer itself.

[a] application software

[b] hardware software

[c] system software


11. ……………. is software is used to solve computer problem

[a] Utilities

[b] Application

[c] operating


12. __________________ software is design to directly operate the computer hardware.

[a] Application

[b] Hardware

[c] System


13. A cable that provides communication between devices is called __________________.

[a] communication tool



[b] power cable

[c] data cable


14. __________________ is a cable used with TV and projectors.

[a] transformer

[b] program

[c] coaxial


15. One of these is not an example of cable data.

[a] USB

[b] UNIX

[c] CATS




Attempt all questions. 


1. Define Computer Software.


b. List 4 uses of computer software.



2a. What is operating and utility?



3a. Define application software.




b. List 2 example of application software.

I. ________________________________

II. ________________________________


4a. Write 3 uses of computer CABLE.

I. ________________________________

II. ________________________________

III. ________________________________


b. List 4 different parts of the COMPUTER.

I. ________________________________

II. ________________________________

III. ________________________________

IV. ________________________________



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