Second Term Examination Cultural and Creative Arts Basic 8 (JSS 2)









OBJECTIVES – Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. _____________________ is one of the materials for leather work.

(a) Clay

(b) Fabric

(c) Skin

(d) Bronze


2. All are materials for relief painting except _____________________.

(a) paper

(b) wood

(c) pencil

(d) brush


3. _____________________ is the style of Sir Shina Peters.

(a) Afro-juju

(b) Juju

(c) Gospel

(d) Afrobeat


4. A time set aside to practice drama before public presentation is _____________________.

(a) choreography

(b) rehearsal

(c) practice

(d) perfection


5. _____________________ talks about communication skills and styles of the actors and actresses.

(a) Reading

(b) Movement

(c) Expression

(d) Action


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6. The time when actors and actresses become word perfect in a particular drama is called _____________________.

(a) make-up

(b) costumes

(c) technical

(d) polishing


7. Dance _____________________ are responsible for leading dance classes.

(a) managers

(b) directors



(c) teachers

(d) careers


8. All are dance artists in Nigeria except _____________________.

(a) Bernard T

(b) Davido

(c) Kcee

(d) Kaffy


9. _____________________ is one of the good dancers in Nigeria.

(a) P-Square

(b) Yemi Alade

(c) Don Campbell

(d) Amarachi


10. The self –sounding instrument that produces sound by the vibration of the body is _____________________.

(a) chordophone

(b) idiophione

(c) membranophone

(d) aerophone


11. A group of musical instruments that produce sound through the air column is _____________________.

(a) aerophone

(b) idiophone

(c) chordophone

(d) membranophone


12. Western musical instruments are categorized into _____________________ Families.

(a) 2

(b) 5

(c) 3

(d) 4


13. The string family of instruments comprises of _____________________ different instruments.

(a) 4

(b) 6

(c) 1

(d) 2


14. Painting is done on a flat surface, therefore it is a _____________________ dimensional art.

(a) 1

(b) 4

(c) 2

(d) 5


15. _____________________ is a type of painting.

(a) still birth

(b) still go



(c) still stay

(d) still life


16. One of the equipment for painting is _____________________.

(a) donkey bench

(b) desk

(c) stool

(d) foam


17. _____________________ has no key signature of its own.

(a) Best scale

(b) Minor scale

(c) Cleft scale

(d) Key scale


18. The painting that involves things created by God is called _____________________.

(a) still life

(b) abstract

(c) nature

(d) inanimate


19. The painting of human beings either in whole or part of the body is called _____________________.

(a) landscape

(b) seascape

(c) imagination

(d) figure


20. The painting done from memory is called _____________________ painting.

(a) imaginative

(b) figure

(c) still life

(d) nature



Section B – THEORY

Answer four (4) questions in this section.


1a. List three Nigerian music composers and their styles.

1b. What is rehearsal?


2a. List four dance artists in Nigeria.

2b. Explain all you know about musical instruments.


3a. List and explain two Western musical instruments.



3b. What is painting?


4a. List and explain two types of painting.

4b. Mention five tools and equipment for painting.


5a. What is minor scale?

5b. Mention three crafts and their locations.