Second Term Security Education Plan Lesson Notes for Primary 4 (Basic 4) Lesson Notes




Security Education 

Term 2 Plan Lesson Notes 

Week 1 – Week 13




WEEK 1 – Aims and Objectives of Neighbourhood Security

Meaning and Importance of Neighbourhood Security | Aims and Objectives of Neighbourhood Security Primary 4 (Basic 4) – Term 2 Week 1 Security Education



WEEK 2 – Crimes in The Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood Crimes – Meaning and Examples of Crimes in the Neighbourhood | How to Prevent Crimes in the Neighbourhood Primary 4 (Basic 4) – Term 2 Week 2 Security Education



WEEK 3 – Keeping Neighbourhood Safe

Keeping The Neighbourhood Safe and Clean – Meaning of Safety and Cleanliness | Safety Precautions | Ways of Keeping the Neighbourhood Safe and Clean Primary 4 (Basic 4) Term 2 Week 3 Security Education



WEEK 4 – Danger and How to Prevent it

Meaning and Types of Danger | How to Prevent Danger Primary 4 Term 2 Week 4 Security Education



WEEK 5 – Crimes and Criminal Behaviours

Crimes and Criminal Behaviours in the Neighbourhood | Effects of Crimes on the Society and Individual Primary 4 Term 2 Week 5 Security Education



WEEK 6 – Dangerous Places and Peoples

Avoiding Dangerous Places and Peoples Primary 4 Term 2 Week 6 Security Education



WEEK 7 – Mid – Term Test

INSTRUCTION – Answer all the questions in Section A and B. 

1. Neighbourhood is also known as _______,

A. community

B. home

C. house


2. _______ is a place or area where people lives as a community.

A. Neighbourhood

B. City

C. Village


3. _______ is established by Lagos State to assist the police.

A. Nigeria Navy

B. Nigeria Civil Defence

C. Lagos State Neighbourhood Security Corps


4. _______ is a community security that helps to protect the entire community from crime.

A. Neighbourhood Security

B. Security Education

C. School security


5. _______ is like stealing, lying, fighting, drug abuse, child abuse, etc. that are unacceptable behaviour in our society.

A. Crime

B. Honest

C. Working


6. All forms of crime are punishable by the family, school, community and government authority.

A. True

B. False

C. I don’t know



7. A clean community is not a safe community.

A. True

B. False

C. Maybe


8. _______ is the actions taken to ensure that we are protected from possible danger or injury.

A. Safety precaution

B. Security precaution

C. Safety precaution


9. The possibility that something harmful will happen is known as _______.

A. Safety

B. Security

C. Danger


10. A crime is an unlawful behaviour _______ by a state or other authority.

A. acceptance

B. punishable

C. unpunishable


11. Criminal behaviours are _______ behavior in any community.

A. acceptance

B. honest

C. unacceptable


13. Dangerous people are people that are _______ to other people life and prosperity.

A. peace

B. love

C. threat



14. _______ are people who perform ritual rites with animals, crops and other objects or materials even human beings.

A. Kidnappers

B. Rapists

C. Ritualists


15. _______ are people who take someone away by force to get money for their release.

A. Kidnappers

B. Rapists

C. Ritualists



1. Indicate YES or No, if it a good or bad behaviour.

  • Obedience – No (not bad behavior)
  • Disobedience
  • Truthful
  • Untruthful
  • Lateness
  • Disrespectful
  • Respectful
  • Kindness
  • Weakness



2. Choose the answer from the following options to complete each of the following – Armed robbers, Rapists, Womanizers, Jealous people, Pessimists, Haters, Envious

  • _______ are people who used weapons to commit robbery.
  • _______ are people who force other to have sex with them.
  • A _______ is a person who loses control under the effects of alcohol.
  • _______ are men who always have sexual relationships with any women.
  • _______ are people who always afraid of losing to other people.
  • _______ are people who negative about everything and anything around them.
  • _______ are people who never see the good in other people or things.
  • _______ people are people who desire what other peoples have.



WEEK 8 – Neighbourhood Security Personnel

Meaning Neighbourhood Security Personnel | Types of Neighbourhood Security Personnel Primary 4 Term 2 Week 8 Security Education



WEEK 9 – Different Types of Security Agents

Functions of Different Types Neighbourhood Security Agents Primary 4 Term 2 Week 9 Security Education



WEEK 10 – Lagos State Neighbourhood Security Corps

Functions of Lagos State Neighbourhood Security Corps Primary 4 Term 2 Week 10 Security Education



WEEK 11 – Revision 



WEEK 12 – Revision 

Second Term Examination 

Second Term Examination Security Education Primary 4 Basic 4