Third Term Examination Christian Religious Studies SS 1 – Exam Questions








Choose the correct answers from the alternatives A – D. 

1. In the epistle of James, the effectiveness of prayer depends on _____________.

(a) the number of prayers in a day

(b) praying at scheduled moments

(c) constancy in faith

(d) privacy in prayer


2. Impartiality in faith, according to James should consist of _____________.

(a) love your neighbor as yourself

(b) dishonoring the poor

(c) disregarding the poor

(d) paying attention to the wealthy


3. James condemns partiality of the church towards the rich because they

(a) use their money for the general good.

(b) oppress the poor.

(c) glorify the name of the Lord.

(d) manifest the grace of God in their lives.


4. When Peter advised the Christians to abstain from passions of the flesh, he meant _____________.

(a) Christians virtue

(b) criminal thoughts

(c) immoral and canal behaviours

(d) the physical ailment of Christians


5. To Christians that live among unbelievers, _____________ is recommended.

(a) be submissive to tyranny



(b) self praise

(c) good conduct

(d) freedom from the law


6. Peter enjoins holy living among Christians, because Christ has left them an example in all the following ways except _____________.

(a) He suffered without any guilt on His part

(b) He forgave those who reviled Him

(c) He prayed for His persecutors

(d) He bore the sins of others


7. Suffering helps Christians to _____________.

(a) strengthen their faith

(b) ridicule their faith

(c) tempt their faith

(d) hinder their faith


8. According to Peter, the sincerity of the Christian faith is usually tested by _____________.

(a) fasting

(b) evangelism

(c) prayer

(d) trial


9. “If one suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed , but under that name let him glorify God”. This statement by Peter signifies _____________.

(a) suffering for the Christian faith

(b) suffering for the sin of others

(c) submission to persecution

(d) suffering that leads to death


10. According to Peter, those who resist authorities will merit _____________.

(a) expulsion from the Christian community

(b) judgment and imprisonment

(c) the judgment of constituted authority and God

(d) loss of eternal life


11. According to Paul’s letter to the Romans, a citizen owes all the following duties to the government except _____________.

(a) paying of taxes



(b) obeying all good laws

(c) respect for those in authority

(d) support for all anti- Christian regulations


12. During the second coming of the Lord, surviving Christians would _____________.

(a) reign forever on earth with Him

(b) join the happy throngs to meet Him in the clouds

(c) enjoy peace and security for a thousand years

(d) join in the fight against the anti-christ


13. Which of the following is not a manifestation of the man of lawlessness?

(a) Power

(b) Signs and wonders

(c) Wicked deception

(d) Adherence to truth


14. In 1 Corinthians, Paul says he is the least of the Apostles, because he

(a) was not one of the twelve.

(b) received the least persecution.

(c) was the last to be called by Jesus.

(d) persecuted the church.


15. If Christ were not risen from the dead, argued Paul, Christian faith would have been

(a) undoubtful.

(b) in vain.

(c) guaranteed by Abraham’s righteousness.

(d) dependent on grace.


16. Jesus resurrected on the _____________ day and _____________ to Heaven.


17. Jesus appeared to _____________ and _____________.


18. _____________,  _____________,  _____________,  _____________ are some of the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ.



19. Christians should live _____________ with their neighbours.


20. Persecution means _____________.


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Answer four (4) questions in all.


A. How did James deal with the problems of partiality in the church?

B. In what two ways do the church today fall short of the standard which James recommended?



A. What is prayer?

B. List five types of prayers and give four reasons why some people’s prayers are not answered by God.



A. Give examples of places in your country or else where today, where Christians are persecuted.



B. Describe one of these examples in (3a) above to show what really happens there.



Enumerate some of the ways Christians can help to combat some of the social vices in our society.



State and discuss the major signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ.



Narrate the significance of the idea of the resurrection of Jesus to the Christian faith.




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