Third Term Examination Literature in English Primary 5 (Basic 5) Exam Questions








Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. What attempt did Mr Odion make?

[a] He made an attempt to jump into the fast moving water to end his life.

[b] He made an attempt of cutting his life neck with knife to end his life.

[c] He made an attempt of drinking acid to end his life.


2. What relief did Denzel get from trekking to school?

[a] His father promised to be dropping him in the school.

[b] Kola told him to be joining them home from school to a point where he could be dropped.

[c] His uncle promised to be giving him pocket money.


3. What prevented Denzel from being signed by a foreign club as a professional footballer?

[a] As a result of his short stature.

[b] because he was only ten years old.

[c] because he was effectively only on the left wing.


4. What made a hero out of Danzel?

[a] because of so many kidnappers.

[b] because of the courage he made by raising alarm.

[c] because denzel automatically become a hero.


5. Why didn’t Denzel friend’s bus take him back home in the afternoon?

[a] They were to spend the weekend with their grannies somewhere else in town.

[b] they were to sleep in the school [c] their daddy picked them.


6. What was boma lucky about?

[a] she was fortunate to have almost completed her secondary level before the incident.

[b] she was fortunate to marry.

[c] she started plaiting hair.


7. What kind of advised did Regi give Hafsat?

[a] she advised her to abandoned her husband and children.

[b] she advised him to pack his things and ran out of the house.

[c] she advised him to open a shop.


8. Why did Denzel need his mother urgently?

[a] Because of WAEC registration.

[b] because he want to beg her.

[c] because his father want to see him.


9. How did Mr. Gbengu discourage Denzel on his decision?

[a] He told him not to west the little money he have because no one will help him in university level.

[b] He told him to abandon that construction work and look for better job.

[c] He told him that school is for the rich.


10. What secret did Denzel share with Dolapo?

[a] that he has no school certificate result.

[b] that he has lost his parents.

[c] that he has help.


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11. What surprise did Denzel and others meet at the site?

[a] Mr Gbengu is died.

[b] Mr Gbengu was kidnapped.

[c] Mr Gbengu was absent in the site.


12. What cheering news did Uju bring to Danzel?

[a] bakery business




[b] school business

[c] admission business


13. Why was Denzel sacked from the bakery?

[a] His sister Uju was there.

[b] Bakery manager don’t like him.

[c] Customer’s don’t want him.


14. How did Uju die?

[a] She died because of stress.

[b] She died because of her mother

[c] She died because of abortion.


15. Why was Denzel’s arrested?

[a] because of the business he was doing.

[b] he involved in kidnapping business.

[c] because the stole somebody money.




Attempt all questions in this section. 


A. Who was Pa Bayo?

B. Why did Denzel decided to work for international organization?



A. Where did Denzel first work after his one year compulsory youth corps service?

B. What punishment was meted out to the person responsible for Uju’s death?



A. Why did Denzel consider his leaving the bakery as a blessing in disguise?



B. What made Denzel feel the loss of the site work than any other person?



A. Who is the main character in the journey of life we read ?

B. Who is the author of the novel “The journey of life“.



Write four moral lessons you have learnt from the story“ The journey of life“.



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