First Term Examination Cultural and Creative Arts Basic 8 (JSS 2)









Answer all Questions. 


1. _____________ of art are those necessary things an artist need to put his works in order.

(a) Basic

(b) Element

(c) Colour

(d) Line


2. There are _____________ elements of art.

(a) 7

(b) 5

(c) 8

(d) 10


3. An example of line is _____________.

(a) big

(b) small

(c) spiral

(d) heavy


4. _____________ is a distance between two points.

(a) colour

(b) texture

(c) square

(d) space


5. The feeling of an art work is called _____________.

(a) curve

(b) texture

(c) form

(d) wavy


6. _____________ refers to the movement of music.

(a) Rhythm

(b) Beat

(c) Sound

(d) Start


7. Music is used for social gathering and _____________.

(a) fishing

(b) building



(c) ceremonies

(d) writing


8. There are _____________ early forms of music.

(a) 3

(b) 2

(c) 8

(d) 5


9. _____________ is one of the early forms of music.

(a) Polygamy

(b) Monophony

(c) Monogamy

(d) Harmony


10. One type of musical texture is _____________.

(a) polyphonic

(b) baroque period

(c) modern

(d) composer


11. Any body movement in time and space is called _____________.

(a) drama

(b) art

(c) music

(d) dance


12. These are types of dance except _____________.

(a) traditional

(b) abstract

(c) dance drama

(d) sequence


13. _____________ is done purposely to narrate a story through sequence of actions and movements.

(a) Dance drama

(b) Pure dance

(c) Abstract dance

(d) Bata dance


14. A dance with the body carriage is called _____________.

(a) logic dance

(b) style dance

(c) pure drama

(d) mega dance


15. Dance is the continuous organized movement of all these except _____________.

(a) head

(b) waist



(c) leg

(d) heart


16. _____________ is the agreement of all elements in art composition .

(a) Balance

(b) Harmony

(c) Line

(d) Basic


17. The element that makes art work attractive and interesting natural terms mixed with the art work is called _____________.

(a) space

(b) line

(c) variety

(d) form


18. _____________ is the sensation produced in the eyes by the rays of decomposed light.

(a) Balance

(b) Colours

(c) Dominance

(d) Shape


19. There are _____________ Primary colours.

(a) 4

(b) 2

(c) 5

(d) 3


20. The mixture of two primary colours will give _____________

(a) tertiary colour

(b) secondary colour

(c) cool colour

(d) warm colour



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Section B

Answer four questions from this section


1a. What is colour?

1b. Write examples of secondary colours.


2a. What is dance?

2b. Write and explain three types of dance


3a. Give three examples of early forms of music.



3b. List four categories of human voice.


4a. Write and explain two principles of art.

4b. List seven elements of art.


5a. Write and illustrate three types of line.

5b. Give three functions of line.


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