Home Economics (Primary 1)



First Term, Second Term and Third Term

Home Economics

Scheme of Work and Plan Lesson Note

Primary 1 



WEEK 1 – The Human Body (Primary 1)


WEEK 2 – Parts of the Body (Primary 1)


WEEK 3 – Reasons for Daily Care of the Body (Primary 1)


WEEK 4 – Materials Used for Care of the Body (Primary 1)


WEEK 5 – Care of Each Part of the Body (Primary 1)


WEEK 6 – Care of the Hands and Feet (Primary 1)


WEEK 7 – Reasons for Keeping Hands and Feet Clean – When to Wash the Hands and Feet? (Primary 1)


WEEK 8 – Proper Ways of Caring for Hands and Feet Clean (Primary 1)


WEEK 9 – Care and Functions of the Mouth, Teeth and Tongue (Primary 1)


WEEK 10 – Reasons for Cleaning Our Mouth, Teeth and Tongue – Materials Used for Cleaning the Mouth, Teeth and Tongue (Primary 1)


WEEK 11 – Ways of Caring for the Mouth, Teeth and Tongue – Causes of Tooth Decay – Prevention of Tooth Decay (Primary 1)


WEEK 1 2 – Revision






Introduction – Foods are solid or liquid substances that gives essential nutrients to the body, prevent disease and promotes good health.

These lessons will help the pupils to understand the concepts of healthy foods, reasons why we eat and good feeding habits.





Introduction – Grooming refers to the things that we do to keep ourselves (different parts of the body), home and its surroundings.

The lessons are structured to ensure the pupils to properly and regularly take care of the their body, home and its surroundings.










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