Home Economics (Primary 3)

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First Term, Second Term and Third Term 

Home Economics 

Plan Lesson Notes

Primary 3


WEEK 1 – Home Economics (Primary 2)


WEEK 2 – Heathy Living – Parts of the Body (Primary 3)


WEEK 3 – Reasons for Daily Care of the Body – Materials Used for the Care of the Body (Primary 3)


WEEK 4 – Healthy Living – Care and Functions of the Hands and Feet – Reasons for Washing Hands and Feet – Foot Rot (Primary 3


WEEK 5 – Types of Clothes and Reasons for Wearing Clothes (Primary 3)


WEEK 6 – Types of Footwear and Importance of Footwear (Primary 6)


WEEK 7 – House Care – Needs for Daily Cleaning and Steps of Cleaning Rooms. (Primary 3)


WEEK 8 – Articles (Materials) for Cleaning Rooms and Produce Home Cleaning Agents (Primary 3)


WEEK 9 – Steps in Cleaning Sitting Rooms and Preparation of Home Made Cleaning Agents (Primary 3)


WEEK 10 – Different Types of Foodstuff in the Locality (Primary 3)


WEEK 11 – Functions of the Different Food Nutrients in the Body and Ways of Using Each Foodstuff in Food (Primary 3)


WEEK 12 – Revision 


WEEK 13 – First Term Examination 




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